Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You know me as deep as the sea goes

First, I ought to thank you guys for the comments you left for me on my last post. I feel better already.

Second, I should tell you that I had a good time at the concert. This is Brandi's first solo tour and she was absolutely amazing. She even did some covers and some new music. I loved it all. I was enthralled. Her song sang me to sleep last night as I turned over on our suprisingly uncomfortable hotel pillows. (The bed was great, the pillows not so much...)

On the way home, in a dramamine induced haze, I wrote a new poem. Its terrible, and it needs work, but I thought you might be interested to see the raw form before I play with it. I should note, I'm pleased it doesn't rhyme. At least I'm getting away from that.

Terrible Trite Poem #2

There was one who shone
like the sunlight glinting
off fast moving streams,
tumbling over bare feet
hand in hand
laughing and smiling
like the moment would never end

There was one that melted
you like chocolate ice cream
on a hot summer night
as the rain began to crash down
into your eyes
into your mouth
into your ears
like secrets that you whispered
like that hour would never end

There was one who pulled
you into dizzying circles
as you laughed and laughed
as the dark closed aorund you
and the laugh became a sigh
and the sigh became a kiss
and as you held each other tight
you prayed the night would never end

There was one who kindled
the fire as the storm rose and
the light was stolen
from the sky
as you closed your eyes and listened
to the cold outside howl
and shriek
and bend everyone but you
to its will
As you hoped against hope
the world wouldn't end

There was one who laughed
in the dark
when you weren't listening
when you were planning and playing
and whiling away you time
quoting old lies
thinking that your time would never end

There is the one whom you flayed
as the bright lights shone down
in the arena and you were exposed
dispassionate and sage
you know that pain and devotion
are tortures without end.


There is one who looks on
with a smile, as you stand
victorious but suddenly
One who feels you reel back at the hurt
and smallness in your voice
You song becomes a cry
your cry becomes a moan
your moan became defeat
And the oen watched,
knowing, unlike you,
where compassion ends.

Yeah. So that's the damage. It might have potential. Might.

Also, before I away to bed, I'd like to say- I was right. Its always nice to be justified.

Have a good one, and I'll see you bright and early.


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