Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm Going to Need Another Reason To Write You A Love Song Today

For those of you uninterested in a week update, I've got something more interesting about halfway down the post.

Well, St. Patricks day is over and i survived it. Actually, things went really smoothly. I was delighted to get to work with Kitten and Oscelot. It was really nice. We had a good time. Honestly, with them there, it felt like a little family, because I got to bartend with Spice and Shorty was working. I'm looking forward to Cinco de Mayo. It should be a good time.

Speaking of Shorty, her 21st birthday is in a week. I'm really excited for her. I think we're planning on getting a group together and having a night out with her shortly after that. It'll be nice. We'll have a good time. Our little group hangs out at our place quite a bit, but we don't often go out together. It would be nice to go have a good time somewhere that isn't home. Truth be told, the girls and I don't get out to the clubs like we used to. I don't miss it, really, because we have a good time at home, but it will be a nice treat for all of us. Now I just have to think of what the heck I'm going to get her for her birthday and buy it. And Hedgewitch's present. Her birthday was earlier this montha nd I know what I want to get her and I haven't had the chance to get out and buy it yet, and I feel like a terrible friend. I HAVE to get on that soon. Otherwise I'll look even more foolish than I already do.

Spring break is finally over, which means my schedule will return to normal for the first time in a couple of weeks. With our trip to KC and then spring break, my schedule hasn't been what it was. I only had one day off this week. Don't get me wrong, I love the money and I've made plenty of it, but my feet and legs are protesting that they'd like a day to just relax. I agree. Actually, relaxing will probably mean working in the yard, or putting out the new pathway lights be bought, or running around town with Hedgewitch and Flyguy...but that's somehow way less taxing on the body than work is.

Of course, it also means all our newer kids that took off will be back in town after their breaks. I'm waiting to see how many of them complain about being broke after taking a week off. I'll try really hard not to be too cynical. I mean, they are kids, right?

In coven news, Hedgewitch and I are planning Beltane together. I'm really excited because she's helping keep me on track, and I already have great ideas. Beltane this year will be the one year mark for our coven practicing together, and I think its interesting to see hwo we've grown as a group. I appreciated that she was willing to help me out. I've felt a lot of pressure lately concerning the coven, and after talking to her about it, I feel a lot lighter of heart. I feel like I've got a teammate now, and I really like that. Its a good feeling. Plus, having someone else to work with gives me new ideas and a sounding board to work with. I love that. I think creativity is something that is organic, and when you feed it, it grows. Totally appropriate with regards to the Beltane holiday, so I think as the wheel turns again I find myself more and more in tune with the season emotionally.

Yesterday at work we were talking about karaoke. This shouldn't come as a chock to anyone who knows me, but I love to sing. Its a good time. I'm pretty good at it. Its a side of me you don't see anywhere else, so its an experience if you're watching me for the first time. I was joking with Fllyguy, because I had an ex that said they knew they could fall in love with me after they watched me sing for the first time. I always thought that was funny, but I understood it, because I am a different person when you put me on a stage. I am much more...well, Alecya, than I am any other time. When I'm on my own, I might be Sarah the worker, or Sarah the friend, I might be Panther the priestess, or Panther the wife. In all these things I am what I generally am, a little reserved, a little shy, a little unsure...comforting, simple and easygoing, if a little angry sometimes. But when I am singing (or preforming in any capacity, lets be honest) I am Alecya through and through. Gone is self doubt, gone is shyness, gone is any vestige of fear or uncertainty. When i'm there, I am nothing but power, beauty and energy. Mind you, I'm not saying I am beautiful, only that I feel that way. Very much so. It shows. My voice even changes. I've had a lot of people remark that I sound so completely different when I sing than I do any other time, that its almost frightening. Honestly, I think its a little bit cool.

Anyway, the conversation got me thinking, because I was joking with Flyguy that if he would picka Taylor Swift song I would learn it. He's a huge fan of Miss Swift. I'll confess, I had a gigle when I first found out, but now, as a result of his fandom, I've actually discovered I like most of her music. Stop laughing. Anyway. I have a "song" for almost all of my friends, or the people I love. I have songs that I associate with them, and songs that I sing for them. It seems only right I would have one for him. (actually, I am interested to see what Hedgewitch, Shorty and SPice like, because usually the song I end up choosing for a person is not the one that I end up associating with them, so...)

I thought you might be interested in a breif list of songs that remind me of people, or that I sing for them, just because its something different, and I think who you think of when you hear a song says a lot about the person you're thinking of.

For Kitten, I always have a few songs I can't escape with her. I remember the first song she ever sang karaoke was "May I Have this Dance" by Anne Murray. An odd selection, but that's what she choose. Incidentally, it is also the song we had our first dance to at our wedding. I always sing "Alone" by Heart for her. I sang it on our honeymoon in Disney World. I also sang it for the first time the night we ran back into each other three years ago. It has a beauty to me, because I never can say "I never really cared until I met you" without knowing that for me and her, its true.

With Oscelot, I always associate "Independence Day" (pretty sure that's Martina McBride). Its the first song I ever heard her sing, and its my favorite that she does. I used to sing it, but after hearing her do it, I can't ever sing it again. I was amazed at her voice then, as I am now. She also does a really great "Memory" from the musical Cats. I cant hear it without thinking of her. Also, nothings funnier than listening to her sing "Looks 5 Dance 10" from A Chorus Line.

Perpet, who will laugh and knows what's coming, is a completely different story. She and I have relatively diverse music tastes, and somehow the things we listen to are just barely tangent. That said, she and I almost always used to sing Sk8ter Boi by Avril Lavinge when we used to go out. I wouldnt say this is because we particularly like her as an artist so much as we're silly, and a little bit bitchy, and its fun to sing with her. I'll always like that song, just because of perpet. Also, I listen to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga and almost always think of her, because she sang it the very last time we went karaoke before she moved away. Appropriately amusing is that she butched the French (you did, love) even though at this point she's damn near conversational in the language. Her husband, Boy, will forver in my mind be singing "Mississippi Queen." No one does that song like Boy.

Hedgewitch, despite our closeness, has not heard me sing since I was a little girl, so I associate most of the songs I hear on her phone with her, which is something I was going to cover in a moment, because I thought it was funny what song she chose for me. I hear a lot of Lion King when she's around, so I associatew that movie's soundtrack with her. Any kind of Middle Eastern or Belly Dance music always turns my thoughts to her as well.

FlyGuy is another instance of someone who has never heard me sing, but whom I associate several songs with. Of course, any time Taylor Swift is on the radio I think of him. Its his fault I like her. For some reason, I think of him every time I hear Adele on the radio too, although I couldn't explain that one if I tried. I think that has something to do with a conversation that's burried in the recesses of my brain that we might have had very early on in our friendship. Also, and god save me, anytime Shaggy is on the radio, It hink of him. I think that's because we were listening to Old School Lunch Hour at work one day and he mentioned he liked one of his songs, and then began a (rather bad) imitation of the song he was trying to describe.

Other random songs that have peple associations?

I think of LifeGuard whenever I hear "Say It Aint So" by Weezer, or anything by the beetles. Except BlackBird, which makes me think of Aravis, in my blogroll. I'm sure he'll understand why, I think of Swisslet every time I listen to Morrissey or the Smiths. He and Aravis also share rotation on the Arctic Monkey's first album "Whatever You think I am, That's What I'm Not." I can't hear "Plus" by STP without thinking of BBD. Rouge still has a full list of song associations, in part because we used to speak in song lyric to eachother at work. Ani DiFranco's "Two Little Girls" and "Loom" come to mind. Anything by Flyleaf, which is something that I'm usnsure would amuse her or irritate her, since that's the album we were listening to right before we had the fight that caused us to fall out for so long. Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" will forever be hers as well. Actually, I was thinking of her the other day and I asked one of the girls at work about her, and she asked me if it was because of the song that was on the radio. I said it wasn't, and that's true, but it did get me thinking about all the songs I associate with her. Funnily enough, Shortyt was saying her posts on Facebook are always really arcane and I laughed, because she has a habit (still) of posting Ani DiFranco sognlyrics when she's in a mood, and I'm probably one of maybe five or si people she knows who listen to her enough to know what she's talking about.

Alas, I could go on forever, and I might continue this theme after work, but I have to put on my uniform and get to it. Today is my last long day of the week.

I hope there's a song in your hear tthis morning, and its one that makes you smile. Incidentally, while you're waiting on the next post about this, what song makes you think of me, if you have one?


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  1. Darling, I assure you, I was never nearly conversational in French, though it is sweet that you thought so. :)