Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm Swinging on the Stars

Hi there. Sorry I dropped out for a week. I've actually been pretty busy. Also, this was the last week of freedom before Kitten went back to school so we've made an effort to spend a little extra time together.

As I'm sure you've figured out, I am not going back to school this semester. I can live with it. I will be going in the spring, so I'm letting my disappointment go. That doesn't mean I haven't got a ton of reading to do.

Lately fiction hasn't really been holding my attention. I attribute part of this to the fact that despite there being literally hundreds of books on my shelves I can read, nothing is interesting to me. I attribute the other part of it to my growing spirituality. Now, I don't want to bore you with details of my religion because I don't like blogs that advertise for Jesus and Buddah, so I figure I can keep the "My Religion is Great" to a minimum. I'm not out to convert you. Honestly.

I will say this, though. I've been fascinated. I've been reading a book by former NPR journalist Margot Adler called "Drawing Down the Moon" and its on the history of Neo-Pagans, which includes Wicca, of course. Its a really interesting peice of work, I've learned a lot about myself and about the religion -the history and philosophies behind the modern movement that is.

Anywho, as a voracious reader who can hardly get my hands on enough books, I've compiled a to-read list (a start anyway) of books related to the occult, Wicca and divinatory arts. I've got a ton of books on astrology coming to me in the mail. We received a few earlier this week that Kitten ordered. One of them tells you about your personality, flaws and the challenges you face based on your birthday. Its interesting because I felt like it resonated for me when it came to Kitten and Oscelot's personalities. I feel I can hardly be pbjective when it comes to me. Maybe I should post what it says and you can tell me what you think?

Anyway, astrology is interesting me more than I care to admit. That means at some point I am going to have to become better at math. or at least learn to be comfortable with using it. Trust me to find a way to finally force myself into math exercises for something that doesn't have to do with work or school, eh?

Speaking of work, things have been going pretty well. Oscelot likes her new job, Kitten hasn't killed the new guy in the kitchen yet, and I'm getting along okay with my coworkers, even when they annoy me. I had another moment where I wanted to tell my staff to stop talking, they were makng me feel old, the other day. I overheard them talking about pop stars at the hostess stand and one of them was telling the others how she remembered that she had a Brittany Spears lunch box When she was in first grade! By that time I was listening to her in the clubs! Terrible, terrible children I say.

Well, that's a brief update. I wanted to write, get my fingers working, I plan on coming back tonight and giving you a fuller update as to what's been going on. In specific, I feel like I want to rant about Oscelot's family. They've been making me very, very angry. And here i was, working on my anger issues. Ah well, best we can do for ourselves, right? Oh- and I want to talk about Hedgewitch- because she's awesome.

I continue to thank for your thoughts. I managed to put on 5 pounds this last couple weeks. I'm almost back to 130.

Have a happy Sunday. See you later tonight.


  1. I would so love to give you some of the extra weight I've found laying around since the spring. Oh well. I'm glad that you're getting better!

    I've always been fascinated by pagans and neo-paganism. After reading what you wrote, I went to Amazon, looked up Adler's book, and ordered it. I don't usually read much nonfiction, but this one sounds really interesting. Thanks for the tip. :0)

  2. I hope you got the revised updated edition, its got some newer stuff in it. If you didn't we can swap addresses again and I'll loan you my copy via mail. I won't need it for a while after I finish it ;) I will say this, I was suprised, the chapter on feminism and paganism was the one that's given me the most trouble. I was a little bored.

    If you like that one let me know and I will point you in the direction of other reference books. The Craft has changed quite a bit since even the early 90's