Sunday, June 10, 2012

Witchy Woman

Yesterday was interesting. I'm not going to lie. Work was duller than it had been and that's saying something. Fortunately, Sakura and my mom made an appearance. It kept me from dying of boredom.

Last night Sakura came over and we worked on Litha again. I was really proud because i had the first part of The Charge of the Goddess memorized. (For anyone keeping track, I've got it almost completely as of this morning.) Things went very smoothly. I'm getting excited for the ritual.

When we came inside we had dinner. Dad had brought by his fantastic home made chili, and it was delicious. I'd been craving spicy food, so I was really happy. We talked over dinner while Dad chilled out in the living room and watched this DVD Kitten got for them that goes with a kit to make a solar powered generator. Its the kind of thing both of them love to it was fun. I made a couple of trips into the living room after dinner and they were running their own personal riftrack on the DVD. At one point they were both sitting in the floor wagging their feet and giggling. It made me happy to see it. I like when Kitten spends time with her family.

In the kitchen, I sat down to do some work. My mom had an injury at work about a week ago and hasn't been able to work since then. I made a poppet for her out of an old sock and today I will pick up a candle for her and give her instructions on how to use it. It should be fun. I'll say this, I am really pleased at my mom's burgeoning confidence in my abilities as a witch.

After I finished that we worked on making the straw god effigy for this ritual. It was...interesting up until the point we figured out that we didn't need to make the body out of wire first. Then things got a lot easier. Just as we were finishing up, Dad came in to chat to us. The conversation went as follows:

Dad: Whatcha doin?
Me: (with raffia between my teeth) Making a doll
Dad: A voodoo doll?
Me: No, I already did one of those
Dad: Who of?
Me: My mom
Dad: Cool. So this is what? A straw man you're going to burn?
Robert: A straw god we're going to burn
Me: For our next holiday
Dad: The solstice?
Me: Yes
Dad: Want me to come over and help? I'll wear my feathered headdress...

He proceeded to dance around the kitchen mumbling unintelligible noises and grunts. We all giggled. Then he said very seriously that every culture on earth celebrates the solstices and he thinks its nice we are too. Its one of the reasons I love Dad, and our whole family. They seem not to mind whatever it is we're doing. 

With the god effigy finished and the ritual well on its way to perfected, I'm pretty excited about the things we have coming up. It should be really nice. After my little rant yesterday, I managed to pull myself together and focus. I'm feeling much better. 

I will say this, I know I'm not the only one that has trouble letting go. Our group has been dealing with an issue for a while now, and its something we seem unable to let go of, however finished the problem might be. I think its difficult to look and some changes as anything but failures, and I know none of us like to feel like we failed at something. We'll move on, we'll let go. Its just...difficult. The one thing I will say about my family is that 3/4 of us are empathic, so we take things pretty hard when the emotions start running high. 

I've not got too much to say this morning. Mostly I wanted to share our little laugh from last night. Today we are going to look at a car that one of Kitten's mom's friends is selling. We'd like a second vehicle. It would make life simpler. Also, this car isn't so nice, and won't be so expensive that if Oscelot wrecks it we won't be able to recover from the loss. She's not what you'd call a great driver. She swears its always someone else's fault....but 4 accidents in two years...I'm glad she won't be on my insurance anyway. 

I'm off to be not productive for a little bit. Its nice to take a breather. 

Oh- if you want a good giggle, I discovered through Flyguy the series of youtube videos called " Will it Blend?" and it made me laugh. Especially the Justin Beiber episode.

Right. Have a nice sunday everyone. 


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  2. Steve,

    I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. I also appreciate that you have begun to follow my blog. I am concerned, however, that this is a conversion attempt. I went to look at your blog, and your profile. You interests were listed as follows:

    God, Jesus, Christianity, THE BIBLE, Scripture, Christian writing, reading, writing, sports, politics, theology, religion, church, apologetics, JESUS CHRIST, THE GOSPEL

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    If you have read more than just this post you are surely aware that I come from a Christian home, both my grandfathers were ministers, as were two of my four great grandfathers. I have the utmost respect for the Christian faith, I practiced it for many years. It is, however, not my faith. I sincerely hope you can respect that, because I won't tolerate conversion attempts from my family, I certainly will not tolerate it from strangers who do not know me.

    I hope god blesses you in many ways, and that your spiritual growth is fulfilling and brings you happiness.

    Blessed Be

  3. My dearest Panther,

    Last night was wonderful and dinner doubly so! I adore Anna's Dad so much, he's awesome.

    I know you were feeling particularly icky this evening, so I'm sending you good healing thoughts. Hopefully you'll be back on your feet and feeling fresh as the morning dew come tomorrow.

    On the coven front, I love how quickly we're progressing through getting ritual memorized. It's been great being able to work together and divide the whole thing up. I think the rest of the coven will love it.

    Looking forward to dress rehearsal on Wednesday, as well as bonfire/s'mores time with everyone! We're moving forward at just the speed we need to, and the Lord and Lady are guiding us down the right path, I know it.

    Hugs, you'll feel better tomorrow!

    Blessings upon you,