Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Post-Office Waiting Game

We frequent the post office. And, I mean we really frequent the post office. Kitten joined an awesome online bookswap about a year ago. The way it works is you post a "bookshelf" of books that you have but don't want anymore. When someone wants a book from your bookshelf, they send you a request, and you mail it to them. When they receive the book, you get a credit. That credit is good for any book posted on that website, which you request, and the owner mails to you. Its a great site for reading junkies who have big libraries like we do. However, since we have something like 200 books on our shelf, and we are constantly adding or changing them, we spend a lot of time at the post office mailing books all over the country.

There's never any need for us both, or all three of us, to go inside, there's nothing to see or do in a post office if you don't have something to mail. So when I sit in the car waiting for Kitten, I keep track of the interesting and odd things that I see. When she gets back to the car, I always read them aloud to Kitten. This game transpired one afternoon when I was in a post office parking lot accross town, one we don't normally use. When I saw 5 separate black SUV's nearly mow down a mailman collection from the little blue drive up post-boxes, I began writing things down.

Now, our most recent foray to the post office was about a week ago, and I've been meaning to post for you thie things I saw while I was there. Unfortunately, I can't find my sheet of paper, so I have to go from memory.

This last trip I saw:

5 big white trucks
1 toyota prius
3 HHRs (all of which were weird colors like pumpkin orange)
One sodier in full dress
One man in VERY short khaki shorts and a sunbonnet, with socks up to his knees
One semi-truck without the 18-wheel attachment
3 silver vans
1 silver van which would circle the lot a few times, park, the lady driving would eat a Funion out of a big bag she was carrying with her, back out, recircle the lot, park somewhere different and repeat. She did this about 5 times. She left when the soldier came out and got in her car.
One lady who was wearing a very short black skirt emerging from the back of her SUV with so many packages I was compelled to ask her if she wanted help, if only to preserve her modesty.

Nothing too spectacular, but it was a wednesday at two in the afternoon. Weekends and right before close are always better times.

Sorry for the boring post, and the delay in a new one. We put in a load of sand for our new walkway yesterday and I am tired and sunburnt, though not nearly as red as Oscelot and Kitten.

Have a great day friends

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