Monday, April 18, 2011

A Trip to the Library

Sorry I ducked out for nearly a week. That was an accident, mostly. I felt over the weekend like Ihad nothing interesting tosay about life. Also, I have been incredibly busy with a new project, which is inspiring this post.

A co-worker of mine is an Accounting major at the local university. She is preparing for the end of the year, and hopefully the end of her academic career, since she is almost ready to graduate. Before she does, though, she has a massive paper to write. It is not uncommon for me to offer to help out my co-workers with their research papers. (NO I do not write them for them.) I love writing, research is a geeky passion of mine, and since a large part of what I want to do for aliving involves editing, it is good practice for me.

Now, I know almost nothing about accounting, in fact most people will tell you I am terrible with numbers. Fortunately for all involved, this paper is about international accounting standards, which I can grasp relatively easily since foreign policy -be it financial or otherwise- does make sense to me. Some of the technical terms escape my grasp, but since she understands it that doesn't really matter. She can translate for me.

Tonight I got a chance to walk down memory lane and visit the university library. This thing has changed so much in the last ten years it boggles my mind. Now, for me, using the digital equivelent of a card catalog is still easy. I love that part. Browsing the shelves in the correct section also easy and entertaining for me. Locating everything was different. They had moved general circulation up a floor, Government Documents is no longer in a shadowy basement (since when are the PoliSci nerds allowed into the light?) and my favorite study area is now a computer lab.

Still, a fulfilling trip for me. Especially since after dinner we came home and I got to speed read a few of the books and make notes on the various sections that are useful to the purpose of her paper. I read quickly, so we managed 2 books in less than an hour. Hooray.

Sometimes I have a tendency to forget how intelligent a woman I can be. The mindless minutae of my day to day work has that effect on me. I forget that there are such things in the world as trade policy and life outside of how much I am being tipped. There is more to life than my ability to recall menu details and make a great cocktail. I am more than just the sum of my job description. Its nice to remember that. It is also nice to have one of my co-workers see it. There is a brain in my head, and I do know how to use it.

How refreshing.

Go do something this week that reminds you that you have passions beyond yoru every day life. It is what makes life worth living, isn't it?


As a post-script, my plants have not come in the mail yet and I expect them any day now. When that happens I may disappear, with a sporadic post about the insanity that is my yard.

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