Monday, July 23, 2012

Where The Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Plain

Tomorrow I am taking my two days off of work as a mini vacation. Me, the girls and Kitten's mom are going to drive to Tulsa, Oklahoma for an over-nighter. I'm actually pretty excited about the whole thing, to tell the truth. We don't take a lot of time off in the summer. Its usually the busy season at work, and we have our vacation in November normally. But a day or two out of town is always nice.

Now, I know Tulsa doesn't sound like a very exotic place to go, so why did we choose it? Because we're geeks. One of the museums in Tulsa is showing an exhibit of artifacts that belonged to George Washington. I'm always interested in history of any sort, and much to my shame, I'm shakier on American history than I am on just about any other kind. Ancient history I have down. I know more about the Tudor dynasty than any president the US has ever had. So this excursion will be both interesting and fun for me. I think I'll learn a lot while we're there. And I've never had a road trip with Kitten's mom and she's a pretty interesting lady. It should be a good time.

Kitten has looked up a couple of lady oriented bars in the neighborhood, and there's some good eating nearby. On our second day we're going to take in an art museum, so I think I'll be culturally richer after this little excursion. We are, of course, not doing anything outside. I plan on spending the rest of my free time in the hotel pool, which is indoors. I can hardly imagine it, but its hotter in Oklahoma than it is in Missouri, which is saying something since we hit 100 degrees today. But the forecast for tomorrow says it will be 105 without the heat index, so indoors it is. We may do a bit of walking, but not much, I can tell you, in that heat. I packed light, lots of light skirts and a dress that barely hits my knees, but I still don't want to be outside for too long. I like warm, but I hate hot.

Sakura is going to be sweet and hang out at the house for the next two days to watch our furry kids and make sure they don't have any wild parties or anything. So I've got nothing to worry about on that score. Work, surely, will make it without me. I'm not too worried there.

I plan on picking up something to bring back for Flyguy and Sakura as a surprise. Well, Sakura reads here, so maybe he won't be too stunned, but it will be nice all the same. I was figuring while we were down there that I might run into some sort of interesting art thing, maybe a photography thing Flyguy might like. He's into that sort of stuff. He's planning on coming to see me Wednesday night when we come back. I'm looking forward to it, I haven't seen him as much lately as I would like. And I want him to know he's my favorite fellow.

Speaking of fellows, we've got a new one at work that I quite like. Actually, everyone likes him. He's smart, he's funny, he's hardworking and he talks more than me, so he's easy to get to know. The girls are all sorts of in a fever over him because he's good looking. Frankly, he's not my type, but I like that he reads, and has good taste in movies. He likes to be outdoors and he's both a dog and a cat person. We're planning on having a Christmas in August party soon (rather like our Thanksgiving in February we had) and he's already been invited. The guys at work all have a huge man crush on him. He makes his own beer, works as a welder by day and in general is all things good and manly in their eyes. I get a kick out of it.

Yesterday when he got off there was a whole flock of guys crowded around him after he changed so he could have a beer. It was amusing as hell. Turns out he ended up spending the evening with one of our cooks and his girlfriend as their house, so it looks like he's in all the way around. I'm going to call him Mannie, by the way. So when I chat about him, that's who I'm talking about. I was teasing him today about how he's all the rage at Casa right now. He was laughing about it. He mentioned he might just post his number next to the schedule and see what happens, since I allege at least half the staff has a crush on him. It made me like him even more.

What I think is strange is the similarities between him and Flyguy. If I weren't suspicious that Flyguy is a little jealous of him, I would say they would get along well. But then, maybe he's just jealous because this guy is so similar to him in interest. Or maybe he's as good at spotting the new staff crush as I am. There's never any telling. But when I went to tell him goodbye last Saturday I sat next to him and said I was leaving, but not without telling my favorite fellow goodbye, and he casually glanced behind him at Mannie, who was at the bar getting a drink and said drily "Well, he's right there..." Apparently the store isn't big enough for the two of them...I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, and rather told him that I meant him, of course, he's always going to be my favorite fellow...

Still, if Flyguy can get over his hangups, I'm certain they'd get along. They do share a lot of hobbies, I know because I talk about Flyguy to everyone, including Mannie. Ah, well. I'd chalk it up to feminine rivalry...

Either way, I'll be interested to see how everything plays out. It is what it is, etc, etc...Life, for certain, won't be boring for the next week or so. Especially now that I have another person to chat to and be silly with. I like new friends. I always like new friends, who doesn't? Its likely I will post all the man drama here, because to me, its endlessly amusing. Women are meant to be the ones who are like this, but I've found the men can be just as bad. Indeed, the guys at Casa B are almost all as high maintenance as the women, if not more so.

Give me a day, or two, and I'll be back with lots of photos, history and interesting tidbits for you, I am sure. The next two days are the start of an adventure, if only a mini one.

Find something new and exciting to love. I know I am...
I'm headed west. Where are you headed?


  1. Have a great time. Come back and share what you've learned. :0)

    Poor Flyguy. I have to say... Mannie sounds a little too perfect. But he's new and everything will settle. Once it does, maybe Flyguy and Mannie can become friends.

  2. I did have a great time, and am preparing to post all about it.

    Mannie is new, and therefore interesting to everyone. I get excited when I meet new people I share common interests with. I think the thing Flyguy doesn't recognize is to me, he's one of the most beautiful people walking this earth. Mannie may be engaging, but something about every conversation with Flyguy makes it feel intimate. That's something not every person can do. He'll adjust, I'm sure.

    According to Shorty, they were giggling with their heads together on Tuesday when they were working together, so maybe the jealousy is ebbing. I hope so. they're both such nice people.

  3. I hope Flyguy comes to realize how much he means to you. He sounds like such an amazing person. I'm glad that he and Mannie seem to be getting along. :0)