Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lap Dance

Okay. I lied. I got a request. So, another one. In the same night. I'm going to be a mess when I finally hit the sack.

I'm editing this to add, I was listening to goldfrapp when I was writing this, if you want a soundtrack.

"Dance for me."

It wasn't a request. Not really. The command in her voice was there. I could see that it was what she wanted. How could she not?

All those years ago, when she saw me, that first time, wasn't that what I had been doing?

Dancing. Lost in the music. Lost in myself and the movement of my body.

She already had music playing. I didn't have to wait.

I nodded, simply, and led her to the couch; pushing her back. I wasn't gentle. I wasn't kind. I didn't have to be. I was hers, always. Tonight, though, I was going to show her she was mine as well.

There was a pulse to the music, and I found it. Soft, insistent, throbbing for me.

She was watching, and I could see in her eyes that she wanted me already. I could see in her eyes the desire she couldn't hide. I loved it.

A throaty chuckle worked its way up my throat as I slid my shirt over my head. I tossed it beside her and moved to straddle her lap.

She shuddered beneath me.

It was easy, too easy, as her eyes raked up and down the line of my body. She took it all in, the black bra, my breasts swelling beneath it, the ivory gleam of my skin. I leaned into her, and let my hair fall like a silk curtain over her eyes. I could feel her gaze still, between the chestnut tangles and curls. I could hear her breath before I felt it, moving my hair slightly.

I tossed it back, arching my body back and away from her. my neck, my chest, my stomach in a perfect line, teasing her, tempting her. I ground my hips against her, pushing into her as I moved back and away, giing her a view of my body.

She moved for me. Her hands reached out and I felt her fingertips brush against the silk and lace of my bra.

"No," I smiled at her firmly. "You're not allowed to do that."

I took her hands and moved them behind her head, teasing her with my closeness as I did. She groaned softly, and I couldn't help but smile again.

I stood, slowly, sensuously, swiveling my hips so that she could see the matching black silk band of my thong below the ruffles of my skirt. I kept moving to that slow, throbbing pulse. I glanced at her over my shoulder and I spread my legs and leaned to the ground, tempting her.

I could see her strain. She wanted to move. I wanted her to move too, but not yet.

Slowly, so slowly, I slid the skirt down. My hips exposed, my thighs bare, I danced for her to the rythm of the music, and our pulse. I could see it in her chest as she breathed, I could hear it in the soft noises from her mouth. We were pulsing together, we were moving together, she and I.

I backed into her, my ass firmly planted against her, my legs falling full over hers. I leaned back, pressed against her heaving chest, my hair over her neck, my head beside hers. I turned, every so slightly, and licked her.

Swiveling, I pulled myself into her lap properly, my legs bent gently over her before I extended one, slowly, so painfully slow, beneath her nose. My ankle slid behind her neck, drawing her head forward.

"Kiss me. Once. and be sweet about it," I told her.

Her lips moved obediently, gently pressing my ankle, then my calf, then my knee as I moved it beside her mouth. I lay back, my head on the couch, looking up at her.

Desire, raw and untamed was flickering in her eyes. I loved it, loved my power over her, loved the thought that she wanted me so badly it hurt.

I slid up, up again, kneeling over her. My legs across hers, straddling her again, I listened to the music change to something slower, headier.


"Yes, please." She was breathless.

Wordlessly I reached behind me, unhooked the black lace of my bra and let it fall between us. I leaned into her, softly, gently, feeling the cotton of her shirt scratching against my skin. Her head tilted back and she closed her eyes in pleasure.

As she tilted her head back I moved closer, sliding one breast, then the other, slowly and carefully beside her face, close to her lips, and down her body. I never stopped moving, not once, as I moved my hips against her, my stomach warm and soft on her shirt and then her jeans.

I knelt beween her legs and looked up at her.

"Watch this. Watch me."

I fell back then, lifting my legs for her, spreading them wide, letting her see the fullness of my body as I sprawled out on the floor. My hands in my hair, my back arched shrply, I lifted my hips, again and again, for her to gaze at. I rolled onto my stomach and let her look at the perfect lines of my back before moving my ass against her, nudging her legs wider apart as I teased her and danced slowly to the rythym she had set for me.

On my back again, my legs up again on each side of her knees, hips lifted, and I asked, knowing hte answer.

"Shall I?"

"Please. Yes."

I slid the silk and lace confection from my hips and flipped them lightly into her lap. But she wasn't looking there. She was gazing at me, legs spread wide for her, laying in the floor, looking like a fallen angel.

It took me no time to pull myself into her arms again, this time with her help. I didn't object, no- I couldn't.

The music began its insistent rise, moving harder and faster for me. I didn't want to stop her. I felt her hands upon my hips as I rode her and her passion for me. I could feel the strength in her fingers as the nails dug into my bone.

Ecstasy, in that moment, I could feel it in her. I could feel it in the roughness of her jeans and the cotton of her shirt. I could feel it in her hands and she stroked my hips and my back and my chest. I pushed her back and felt her mouth close over my nipples and I sighed.

I pulled away, so slightly, so gently, and titled her face back to look at me. I gazed at her, and took in the perfect pout of her parted lips, the sweetness of her breath on my body and the unbridled lust in her eyes. I moved my hips again, gently, and felt her rise up to meet me.

"Kiss me," I bade her.

She did, gently, sucking my lower lip into her mouth.

"Do you like it when I dance?"


"Good. Take me to your room, and dance with me."

She kissed me again, lifting me gently, and we did.

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