Sunday, January 15, 2012

They Will Stop at Nothing Once They Know What You Are Worth

Well, the month is half over and I've been a very lazy poster, haven't I?

I suppose part of it is there hasn't been anything terribly interesting to report, honestly. Work is work as usual. Life goes on. Kitten starts school this week and I'll be missing having a couple days off with her. Even with such a short break, I did get used to taking time to spend with her during the week. I keep promising myself that this semester I'm going to try and be a better partner and help her keep the stress levels down. I want to make sure she takes time for herself, because the strain of full time work and school is a lot to handle.

Speaking of school, I am thinking about the fall semester now. By the time it rolls around my student loan payments should be out of default. I entered the rehabilitation program, which means a higher payment (about $100 more, actually) but it also means I'll have my credit restored, which I am looking forward to. Then I can get student loans and grants again, which will make it much easier to go back to school. If I have to work less, which I'm hoping I won't, I will be able to still make some sort of contribution to our household without the fear of putting us into the red.

Incidentally, Kitten's birthday is this week too. I haven't gotten her a present, because I don't know what to get her. Also, she says she doesn't need anything. *sigh* aint it always the way? I have a hard time shopping for her, so I'm trying to think of something small and thoughtful so she'll know I love her without her feeling like I am going overboard.

I should mention, I think, we've spent the last couple of weeks renting movies. Its not something we normally do, but we've been getting a kick out of it. I made the girls watch Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, because they hadn't seen it. I like it, and I keep trying to remember I need to get a copy of the book because I want to reread it. I don't think they cared for it much, although I'm pretty sure that movie was where my love of Kevin Spacey was born. No, I'm not saying its his best flick- just the one where I realized I liked him as an actor.

We watched Final Destination 4, which I could rant about for days. I know the 5th one just hit DVD and honestly, I don't know that I care to see it. It was excessively and stupidly gory, which isn't scary. Let's be honest- the plot of all of the movies are the same, so you're just trying to figure out how the person is going to die. A lot of the time, its completely improbable, sometimes almost impossible, and for me the ability to suspend disbelief only stretches so far.

Kitten had us watch a movie called Cutting Edge. It was pretty cute. I won't lie. I actually put my book down at watched it.

It was my turn again, and we picked up The River Wild, because Oscelot had never seen it. I love Kevin Bacon as a baddie. Seriously. This was the first movie I saw him as a villain in. It was a fun one to rewatch. Also, Meryl Streep in a swimsuit? Never a bad thing. Ever.

Last night we watched the first Terminator, because (again) Oscelot had never seen it. She didn't like it. Kitten and I of course were really into it. Its a classic. We're planning on getting T2 and Rise of the Machines to watch later in the week. We'll have to find some time when Oscelot isn't around, though, since she disliked the first one so much. I'm pretty sure she said something to the effect of "Arnold Schawtzenegger is ugly, and this movie has a stupid plot." To each their own, I suppose.

Hedgewitch came over on Thursday and I made soup because we had our first snow and soup is always nice when its snowing. We watched Flashdance, and the girls rolled their eyes at our peanut gallery remarks. They'd never seen it. I have to say, I remember the dancing being better and the plot a little tighter than it was this time around. Maybe I was just distracted by all the flesh when I was younger. Or I didn't care. I'm not sure which. I think Kitten is sick of me giggling and saying "Hey- don't you want some pizza?" and then batting my eyes at her. I have to confess, I laid off only long enough to beg Flyguy to send her that quote via text message. I laughed so hard when she got it. It was delightful.

I should add, if you have a lovely classic (even cheezy) movie you feel like we should put on the list, by all means leave me a note, because I've been enjoying the rewatch. Really. I think work started it, because our new music system kept playing songs from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack and OScelot said she hadn't seen it, so I went and bought the anniversary edition, because honestly, I love that movie. I don't care if its silly. And the dancing is nice. I keep thinking how I'd like to learn more ballroom...

The weather here has been, well, erratic. I won't lie. Last Wednesday Kitten and I had a free day and it was in the high 50's- low 60's so we went to the zoo. It was such a nice time. We had a really good time, and the animals were really active. Most were still out in their enclosures, except the animals that can only tolerate a very warm climate. We got to see quite a bit. But, you'll recall, the next day I made soup, because that night it snowed. Like, an inch. And it kept snowing throughout the day. Today we were back into the fifties. Its supposed to be sixty tomorrow and then freeze again by Wednesday. Pathetic. I wish it would just go ahead and be winter so I can stop thinking about how nice the sunshine looks. I'm not normally subject to cabin fever, I normally like darker, rainy weather...but this off again on again warm weather is making me stir crazy.

I suppose I also ought to mention my ire over the whole girl scout cookie protest thing, although I think most of my friends have covered it in their blogs. If you're not familiar: there is a girl scout in California leading a cookie buying boycott because some troop in Colorado allowed a transgendered 7 year old female child into the troop. Honestly? I'll buy cookies this year and I'll tell the local troops that I support that Colorado troop and its why I'm buying them. I mean, how dare a group dedicated to the growth and development of young American women teach tolerance and respect? It baffles the mind. What made me most angry is that this little California girl says the one in Colorado is exploiting her sexuality to get cookie sales. Sad. Seriously sad. In part because I gurantee this child is spouting ideas that her parents gave her, because at that age she can't possibly understand transgendered politics, gender identity or sexual exploitation enough to make a determination as to what someone her own age is doing. Hell, I'm a grown adult who still struggles with the intricacies of those ideas. And I'm not supid. I'm a pretty sharp lady. Moreover, as the partner of a trandgendered person, I can verify that this child likely has no choice in their gender identity. Its likely this young that she was born intersexed. This is something she can help. Its fortunate for her that there are troops out there open minded enough to accept her. She's even luckier that she has loving parents who support her, and help her to grow in the gender she most identifies with. I'll get off my soap box, but it seems to me like there's something wrong with the world when little girls are accusing one another of personally choosing to exploit their sex to sell cookies.

Yeah, that's about me for now. I'm feeling a long, rambling, useless post coming on. The type you'll probably skim because its drivel, but you know...go where the muse leads you...

It always works for me.

Love you all

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