Monday, January 16, 2012

You Made Me Feel Like a Million Bucks

The sweet scent of your skin is the most comforting thing I know.

The soft glow in your eyes is the meaning of love.

The tender quiet moments are the ones that mean the most.

When I lie down at night, its thoughts of you that put me to sleep. I dream of your voice and your touch and your kiss. You rock me softly through the night with the comfort of your presence. I always know you're there. I always know I'm safe.

If I could get lost in a warm wooded place, I would want it to be with you. I could turn my face to the breeze and sing with the birds and I know you wouldn't laugh. You would be there with me, your voice with mine, your touch soft against my hands. I know that in that perfect quiet, that sweet peace, you and I could find surrender together. I find it when we're alone, when no one is looking but you and I. I know it when you smile at me, and there's a secret hidden in the curve of your mouth, and you beg me with each glance to learn it from you.

I find it when we are dancing together, your body and mine moving without needing to think. I find happiness and warmth with your arms around me, and security and peace and the beginnings of joy.

When you tell me you love me I know that somehow I've done something right, however many things I've done wrong- because I would never have found you if I hadn't.

When you grin at me I know I've found someone who finally knows me, who knows when its okay to tell me I'm silly, and just the moment to comfort me tenderly and tell me that really, its okay for me to be just the way I am. You and I know, each moment we're together, that life is a perfect, precious stolen moment and we're sharing that moment together.

I want it to go on always because being with you is the only way I can be me.

I love you.

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