Sunday, January 22, 2012

Will the Raindrops Sting My Eye? I Keep Them Closed

The last three days have sucked. Seriously. I don't expect today to be much better.

I'm sick.

now before you start laughing at me, I should point out, I never get sick. I was joking yesterday that the reason I'm able to make peace with the fact I have such awful headaches is because I don't have a crummy immune system. Its pretty true, actually. Working in restaurants means I'm exposed to sick people all the time. Customers come in sick because they're inconsiderate. Coworkers come in sick because they need the money badly enough that they can't afford not to work. Most the time we want them to go home, but how do you say "hey- you have the sniffles, go home" to someone who won't make their rent if you do? Its tough.

Most the time, I don't catch any of that stuff. I remember when H1N1 was such a big deal we had five different employees catch it. We had a whole slew of other staff members with the regular flu. I didn't so much as sneeze that whole season.

So why now? I've had a cough and a runny nose for three days now. It came out of nowhere. i've pushed enough meds that its moved out of my chest and into my head, but still...its torturous to have to run to the back every fifteen minutes to blow my nose. My coworkers keep asking me what's wrong because I look like I've been crying my eyes are so red. I can hardly focus I've got so much medicine in my system. What kills me is that no one I am close to on a regular basis has this thing. If Kitten or Oscelot or Flyguy or Hedgewitch had this I'd understand. But they don't.

So why I am sick?

I think my body has broken trust. I'm not supposed to get sick like this since I have migraines.

Who do I report this violation to? Seriously.

On the other hand, I suppose I can be thankful. I only have two more days until I'm off. I'm looking forward to a ton of hot tea, some blankets and a pillow. I've been running low on sleep. I had a really long weekend at work, and while I enjoy the priveledge, I do wish I could have had it without the sniffles. Today I go into work early to do the liquor inventory and bartend. Tomorrow I probably lunch close, since I do that most Mondays. So two more long days before I get a break.

I can only hope that my customers are kind and generous. I hope they pity me. Seriously. Because I'm not going to make a dime like this.

Well, I'm off to pack up the dayquil and theraflu to take to work with me. Say a prayer for my sanity.

I can do this.

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