Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feeling Your Heartbeat

A snippet of my day at work...

So I put my hair in sponge rollers last night. Anyone who grew up in the eighties knows what I'm talking about. Well, I rolled them a little too tightly, and I woke up this morning with curls so short they made it look like I had cut my elbow length hair to my shoulders. I threw a bandanna on my head and high tailed it to The Devil's Warehouse to pick up some stuff to hopefully arrange my hair when I got to work (with the help of my boss Stalin). I had hopes of the curls falling looser once I had some time to leave it alone. No luck. I ended up rinsing my hair out in the sink in the bathroom and pulling it into a bun. Not nearly as glamorous as I had hoped.

I was crushed. I had hoped to look pretty today, I was having one of those "I need a self esteem boost" days. Yeah..not so much. I ended up nearly in tears, because I'm super vain. Flyguy did his best to comfort me. He told me he thought it had looked pretty. I laughed with one of the girls, its the nice thing about men. They're usually pretty accommodating about telling you that you look okay if you're on the verge of a crying jag.

Cue my first round of customers, who were, in short, awful. I don't normally complain about my guests. I realize everyone has bad days and that sometimes that means that your waitress gets the short end of the stick...but a never ending line of them is terribly disheartening. I had a gentleman (who was terribly old) actually grab my arm to ask me something at just about my worst part of the morning. Anyone who knows me well will understand why I hate being touched by strangers, especially men I don't know. It was only this man's age and a supreme effot at self control that kept him from getting smacked or me screaming. I can't even explain the way it raised hair on my arm to have people I don't know touch me...

Anyway. About this time Kitten dropped by the store to grab a bite to eat and wait for a ride back to our place. Shorty was hosting, and she stopped off at the bar to snatch a couple cookies that Kitten brought in. We were chatting, and trying to keep me from having a panic attack (or Kitten was anyway). Suddenly, Waiting for Tonight by Jennifer Lopez came on the Ambience station that plays in our store. I looked at Kitten and jokingly asked if she wanted to dance. She laughed. We both know because of our store's PDA rules we couldn't even if we wanted to. I asked shorty if she wanted to dance. She told me no, she wasn't in a dancing mood. She more felt like petting Kitten. She was joking. Its hard to translate that kind of come-on to your wife joke into text, but it made me smile.

Then Flyguy wandered up and I asked him if he wanted to dance. As I had predicted to the girls, he did that hip shaking groove with your arms white boy can't dance thing he always does when I ask him that...We were giggling, then he burst into some serious hip thrusting movements that were very...Chippendale. Shorty piped up she could see him doing that in a tool-belt and we were all cracking up, and of course, the visual made Kitten and I blush. Shorty noticed it and gave me a hard time about it. Of course, that made me blush more...and I spent the rest of the afternoon joking with Flyguy about it.

Its things like that that get me through a rough workday. I've got some awesome coworkers. Rather, I should say, I'm lucky to work with people who I consider friends.

Frightening and amusing:

After we got off Flyguy and I ran to the gas station to pick up cigarettes for Shorty because she works all night and she was running out. While I ducked in Flyguy sat in the truck. When I came out he was wearing a cammoflage bandana that he found somewhere int he truck. I have no idea where he got it. If I were more a hostile person I'd wonder why he was digging in the truck, but honestly, I don't care. He comes over to our house enough that if he wanted to snoop and find something truly embarassing, he already would have. Here's the trouble- I had last used that bandanna for a hankercheif when I was sick earlier this month! Go on about how gross I am for leaving it in the truck, I honestly forgot about the damn thing and I'm not normally the one who cleans out the truck so...anyway. Iwas horrified. I plucked it off his head and told him he probably didn't want to be wearing it. Then I explained why. He grinned and said he wasn't worried, it didn't feel wet when he put it on his head.

Its one of the reasons I love him. Honestly, I'm pretty sure most of the other people I know would have been epically grossed out. hell, I was.

Come to think of it, Flyguy's getting a roommate. I should mention that now because I'll be interested to see if it effects how much time he spends with us, since its one of his other pals. Not that I don't want him to have friends, or whatever, but Ithink I've mentioned before I'm a jealopus person, and I might, just maybe, be worried he won't be around as often. I can't have that. I've been missing him too much lately anyway...Iam SUCH a girl sometimes.

In other news, I'm sure you've noticed, I added a few things and changed the layout here. I was getting sick of bubbles. Let's face it, if you got the "Plastic Castle" reference, the bubbles were cute, but if you didn't they might imply that I'm a bubbles kind of girl. Now, I may have plka dots on my bedroom walls, but bubbly really isn't the way I would describe my personality, so a bit of rearranging seemed required. Not to mention, I was sick of looking at it.

I also added a few features. If you're interested in seeing what people read the most frequently, and I always am, I have a rotating bar with the posts that are viewed the most often. There's some suprises in there. I also updated and moved a copy of my first post on this blog to the sidebar, so if you ever get confused with all the names and acronyms and such here, you'll have a chance to sort them out. Also, helpful, I think, for new visitors. Not that I have them all that often...

I added a few new folks to my blogroll too. Carley in Europe is a travel blog my friend Carley is writing. She's a very talented musician with her own record label. I love her to death. I met her through Perpet. We were both attendants at her wedding. Anyway, she's in interesting girl, and I thought it might be worth a share. Sara O is a stand up comic I know who is currently battling cancer. I linked up to her blog, which is ongoing, and shares her experiences as she goes through them. She's a tough and amazing woman, so definately go check her out and leave her some words of encouragement. Finally, I added Waiter Rant, which is the site that inspired the book. I finsihed reading the book recently and I loved it. Some of it was funny, a lot of it was insightful, but what struck me the most was it was such an accurate depiction of what happens to me and my coworkers on a day to day basis it was moving and sometimes a little bit depressing. You can hit any of his backlog on his blogroll and enjoy a very true accoutn of like as a waiter.

Well, that's me. I'm off to go work on some spellwork. Sakura's coming over. Its new moon. I need to be a productive witch.

Cheers, you lot. I love you all.

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