Monday, February 20, 2012

You Can't Touch Me- Oh I Bet You Want Me Now

You look at me and you think you know what I want
You see me in my short skirts
With my hair down
And my eyes dark and glittering
And you think you know what I want

But I'm not so sure

Late at night I whisper
You know my secrets
You know my fears
And you see me culed up tight
to protect myself
And you think you know what I am

But I don't think you do

Tonight I want your eyes to glitter
just like mine
I want your hands to tangle in my hair
I want your breath on my neck
I want your whispers in my ear
Telling me your secrets

But I don't think you will

You hear me beg
And you listen to the sound of my voice
urgent and pleading
desperate and needy
And you think you know what I want

But you don't

I want your heartbeat against mine
The scent of your skin around me
The taste of your breath just
A hearbeat away
A moment, a wish
A second filled with everything

But I can't

You look at my legs
You see the way I wrap them tight in boots
Leather and cold metal
Like I could kick something hard
If I wanted to

And I do

Tonight I want safety
And the weight of you
Sleeping in my arms
I want your sighs
Your dreams
Your warmth
Your need

And I think I have it

You look at me as I rest
And you think that you know me
As I dream
As I walk
As I escape from all of this

And you might

Look closer at me
Look past the boots
Look past the skirts
Look past the longing and need
And see me

See what I am

A girl- frightened
A woman- confused
A cat- waiting to be caressed
A fury- waiting to strike
A storm- waiting to break

Wait and watch me

Comfort me tonight
Tell me its okay
Stroke me softy
Dodge the blow
Ride the storm

You might know me then

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