Saturday, February 25, 2012

This Used to be Our Playground

Earlier this week I was listening to the radio while I was bathing and the morning show I listen to was doing this thing where they go over the popular things trending on twitter. One of them was "Back When I Was Young". It got me thinking, so...

Back when I was young...

Having light up shoes was cool.

A bicycle was the coolest Christmas present ever. And there were only two types of bikes- ones with training wheels and ones without.

You didn't get to pick what you had for dinner and you cleaned your plate regardless.

Going out to eat was a treat, and you dressed up for it.

You played outside unless it was raining. Hell, sometimes you played outside when it was raining. And you always played outside when it snowed.

Cable television meant you had a fancy box on top of your TV and Grandma paying extra for the Disney channel was awesome.

Photocopies were called "dittos" and the ink was purple.

Calculators only did basic math, so you didn't use them, because you knew how to do it in your head.

Computers weren't affordable. If you were lucky, you had a word processor and it had Oregon Trail on it.

In your computer class at school (which was like, once every other week) you learned HTML code. Because you had to.

When you were at school, you had gym class all the time. Every other day. And there was no sitting out. You did everything.

The farthest you were allowed away from the house was the end of the block.

Pets were a priveledge.

You dressed up for church on Sundays. Yes, that meant you had a bath.

Checking books out from the library was a treat.

You got an orange after you sat in Santa's lap and told him how good you'd been.

The mall was so big it was scary.

You made "mix tapes" for your friends.

"Going on a date" meant you went to the movies with a friend and your parents sat a row behind you.

Ten o'clock was a good curfew.

You gave valentines to everyone in your class, whether you liked them or not.

You were still allowed to bring cookies and cupcakes for your birthday.

If you were chosen to go get the milk and turn in everyone's milk money to the lunch lady you were cool.

The school cafeteria only served one thing each day.

"Junior High" seemed like you were going to be really grown up.

Nintendo was just being invented, and there was nothing more frustrating than that damn dog on duck hunt. If you beat Super Mario Brothers you were a god.

Everyone wore spandex biker shorts and it was cool.

Umbros were a good kind of shorts to wear, but only the checkered ones. We called them wannabes.

Slap bracelets meant you were going steady. People still knew what going steady meant.

Lettermans jackets were a status symbol.

You read the Boxcar Children and secretly wished you could drink milk out of bottles and live in a train too.

You wanted to be as cool as Stacey from Babysitters Club.

You wanted to be DJ from Full House. You had a crush on Uncle Jesse. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were in diapers, and had never had their own clothing lines, drug addictions or movies yet.

You mom complained about trying to get a cabbage patch doll for Christmas.

You could sleep in the back dash of the car without your seatbelt.

Riding in the front seat was the end all be all of car priveledges.

Your first camera probably had 110 film in it.

Barbie didn't dress like a slut.

Remote control cars were expensive and you couldn't let them get more than five feet from you.

You really wanted a set of He-Man bedsheets.

You spent hours trying to get your slinky to go down the stairs the way it did in the commercial.

Bon Jovi still had long hair, and was cool.

"The Simpsons" was a big kid television show. MTV was completely forbidden (so you watched it when your parents were out.)

The people on Jeopardy knew everything.

Watching Plinko was the highlight of your Price is Right experience.

Madonna was still a relatively new artist.

Prince still went by Prince.

I'm just getting started. What else friends?

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