Sunday, February 26, 2012

It Feels Like Home

I went inside Flyguy's house for the first time today.

That may not seem like a big deal, but since I've known him for almost 8 months now and I've only seen his house from the outside, I was pretty excited. Also, I'm old fasioned (and secretive) enough that its a big deal to me if someone invites me into their home. I look at it as an honor. Its a sign of trust. If I allow you into my house, I'm telling you that you are someone who is important to me. If I tell you where my spare keys are kept? Well, you might as well be family. I don't even think my mom knows where I put it.

I won't wax long on what his house looked like. One, its none of your business and two, it would probably bore you. Suffice to say, I had a mental picture in my head, it was about 18% correct, and I liked what was different about a million times better. Also, he has lots of plants and I am totally jealous.

But it did get me thinking, because I think what a house looks like, and what you think someone's house looks like is a huge indicator of what that person is like. I mean, if you have fuzzy pot leaf blacklight posters on your walls thats way different then someone who has a handmade quilt on their bed, right?

For example, my grandmother lives in my great grandma's house. She had painted it pink when her husband passed because she was redheaded and he wouldn't let her wear pink because it clashed with her hair. Her bedroom was red. To me, it showed her expressing her independence when my great grandfather died. My grandma has not changed hardly a thing since she moved in and my great grandma passed. I think that shows her way of greiving.

My mom, when she had her own place, had a bright red couch and before that she had animal print. But everything else was neutral. I think that was her way of trying to be bold but falling back into a safe zone when she was unsure. Its a lot like her personality now.

Anyway, I thought you might possibly be interested in what my house looks like? Yes?

My living room is in golds, greens, plums and dark mauve. My curtains are that maroon but not maroon color with tiny pink rosebuds embroidered on them. We have pale pink swags of chiffon hanging from them. No, actually Kitten picked them out. And the bamboo blinds to cover the windows. Our couch and chair are second hand and ugly because our cats tear them up and we know we're getting new stuff when we move, so why bother getting soemthing new now?

Our dining room isn't a dining room anymore. Its floor to ceiling bookcases and a computer shoved in one corner. eah, we read a lot. Of course, there is next to the computer my altar table, which gets moved out for ritual, and my family altar on the wall hangs over the apothecary's chest where I stash all out witch stuff. The decor in that room, that's visible, is mostly asian. The big peice is a giant Jade ship that Jade brought back for Kitten from China. Its about three feet long and two feet hight. Its really pretty.

The kitchen is black and white with red accents. I decorated in vintage advertisements for alcohol originally, but lately we've added so many shelves and cabinets you can hardly see most of the walls, so the art has pretty well come down. The one piece left is really big, and hangs over the dining room table, which had a booth style bench on two sides and a pew-like bench on the other.

Our closet, which used to be Oscleots room, looks like a closet. Clothes on racks everywhere, conveniently located right next to the washer and dryer. Not that we ever put our clothes away.

As most of you know Kitten and I remodled our bedroom right before we got married. The walls are blue with pink polka dots and match one of our quilts. We actually have several quilts now, and we rotate them and our sheets based on the season. So only about half the year does our bedding match our walls. We don't mind.

So that's our house. The big parts anyway. I'd like to repaint our living room, althought I'm not sure I can talk Kitten into it. I think I'm going to tell her and Oscelot to go to Precious;s house for a couple days this spring and I'll tackle it by myself and get it done. I know they hate to mess with stuff like that. Otherwise, I like our little home, althought I'm already making out what i want to do for our house when we move.

For example, I want to do my new kitchen in vintage owls. I want the colors to be browns and golds and yellows and greens. I'll get my everyday dishes in gold color, like mustard. That way when I have dinner in my new dining room it will look okay with the heavy furniture, pale blues and light golds I've selected for the decor for the formal dining room. I want something a little french chateu and a little country estate. We'll see.

I know I want to continue the far eastern theme in the library, because I like the colors and the feeling of it. Besides, nothing facilitates imaginary travel like the setting of somewhere exitic and wild. I'll enjoy that. Also, I've got my eye on a Hindu wedding bed, and I want to fill it full of cushions so I can lay in it and read.

And at my house now, and aty the one we will buy in the future, I must insist, beyond all things- roses. I will have them all around me. I have tons of them now, and I will insist on having them all over my new home- climbing the walls and the arbors I will install, hanging over my trellises next to my back porch hot tub...and all throughout my back yard. They will surround my house in hedge form and sit beside my front door, just like my grandmother had when I was growing up. I want to go outside and walk through a fairy land. Roses, to me, are the fastest way to feel like I'm there.

So yeah, in case you were curious what it looks like in my home, there's a bit of an illustration for you. I'd take pictures...but you know, I'd have to clean for that.

What would you do with your dream home?


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