Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fight The Break of Dawn

Our lives are about to change.

Last night Kitten told me about an opportunity for her this summer for her internship for school. She has to have one to graduate, and where she interns will make a huge difference for her when the time comes for her to look for a job in the HVAC industry, which isn't too far off. Turns out, their school is taking four students to work for the summer on some huge HVAC equipment. Its the type of stuff she wants to work on, the system work would give her great experience. It pays nearly twice an hour what she makes now and its for three months this summer. Its even a job for the government, which is even better.

The catch? Its at a military base two hours from home. She wouldn't be able to commute and she'd be away from us for the full three months outside of occasional visits. She had to make a decision by today, and she asked me what I thought.

I told her to go for it.

I'm going to miss her terribly, and the thought of being away from her for so long is incredibly painful for me. I hate being away from her for a few hours. I can't imagine how hard it will be to be away from her for a few months. But this is the sort of opportunity she can't turn down. Its exactly what she was looking for. Its exactly what she needs.

Now I just have to get over all of my hangups. Don't get me wrong. I know she's not going to stop loving me. I know that she's the most trustworthy partner a woman could ask for. I just hate her going away. I worry about me doing the bills. She handles all the finances right now. I mean, I can do it. I'm a grown woman. I've just grown accustomed to not doing it. I can suck it up for a few months. We're not sure, but we may have to buy a new car. That's going to hit the pocket book pretty hard.

I know things will be fine, but right now, the prospect of that big of a change is pretty scary.

I've already made a list of things I am going to do while she's away. I'll repaint the house, refinish the porch, add annuals to my already huge rose garden, plant more roses. I'm going to get climbers and train them up the sides of my newly refinished porch. I'm planning on moving all the stuff out of the living room and repainting it. I'm going to find a second filing cabinet and refile verything for easy access. Somehow I'm going to rearrange the library so it looks less cluttered. I've got plenty to keep me busy on top of my job and having Oscelot for company.

I'll have Shorty and Spice and Hedgewitch and Flyguy to keep me company. I already know that if I get sick I have good friends who can watch out for me so I don't have to worry her. I'll be okay. Things will be fine.

I just hope and pray that this is going to be the awesome opportunity that it seems like. I hope that she learns a lot and has a good time. I hope she misses me just a little.

I can't wait to see what this summer brings, literally. I've not been this sure and unsure at the same time in a very long time.

Think of me. Any advice you can give? I would gladly take it right now.

I'm off to find something productive to do while she's in class. Like have a bath.


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  1. Yay!!! So, we'll be in the same boat... well, kinda. Two hours is nothing! Be sure to let me know how it goes! -Cat