Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why Do All Good Things Come To An End?

So the month is more than half over and I've had relatively few posts, eh? I'm pretty sure February is trying to eat me. Don't worry, it won't, but that doesn't mean that it isn't trying, that's for sure.

Outside of that awesome flu I had, I've had a couple of headaches that threatened to go full throttle, and that's very frustrating considering I've been working on affirming I am a healthy and happy person. Kitten has gotten ill as well, and it pains me to see her sniffling and coughing the way she does. I've done the best I can, plying her with teas and extracts and all the things I can think of to make her feel better. We'd go to a doctor, but the truth is, they'll tell her to treat the syptoms because its a virus, and what's the point in paying $50 to have them tell you somethign you already know?

Valentines Day is over, thank goddess and all I will say about it is that despite my romantic nature, I'm glad we don't celebrate it. I worked on Vday and I think I saw more unhappy families and fighting couples than I do any other time of year. Its depressing, seriously. Besides, how do you make up to someone in one day all the love you have for them if you don't do it the rest of the year. Pull a Frank Sinatra, I say "Each day is Valentine's Day" Right?

Personal tragedy seems to keep striking at the people I love. My Gran is getting a stress test done sometime in the next week or so. She has been having more problems with her heart and her blood pressure. They've got her on some new medications but it irritates me that they haven't found a way to keep her healthy. I mean, I know doctors aren't miracle workers all the time, but it seems the least that they can do is not put her on two medications that do the same thing and make her sick because they take them together.

Outside of my life, a couple of my good friends are going through a lot. I won't air their problems here, but suffice to say, I am suffering with them. One of them is going through something I've never had to deal with as a friend before, and I truly feel lost at how to comfort her. I don't know. And Iworry. And I want to be a good friend. And then I think to myself that if I hover and annoy her I'm just going to push her away and I definately don't want to do that. And if you know me at all, you know I'm great at hovering. The other person has a lot of things on his mind, and of course, I worry about that too. That's the trouble, you see, with being as attached to your friends as I get. I love them so much I feel like I can rest for worrying about how they are. I know I shouldn't complain, they've got more on their plates than I do, but it still wrankles with me. Somehow, I feel like I should be able to fix everything. I can't. I hate that.

In good news, last week we did have a great get together. Hedgewitch made a turkey and she and her husband, Shyguy, came over. Then we invited two girls from Casa Bueno- Shorty and Spice, and they joined us. Of course, it was mentioned to Flyguy too, so we had quite a party on our hands. In fact, I had to borrow a banquet table from my grandmother and we all barely fit at it. It was a good time though. After we ate we played games, which was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed having my friends in the house. It made me happy. Later, after all the girls had bounced, I stayed up late talking to Flyguy, whom I haven't seen as much of lately, and it made me really happy to have some time to sit and chat with him. He's great for a conversation and he always seems to know what to say. Sometimes I think he may think he doesn't, and that its akward, but he does have the knack for changing the subject without making me feel stupid and he knows how to comfort me without making it seem trite. There aren't a whole lot of people out there who can do that. In fact, I can count them on one hand, and I think most of them read my blog on occasion. Well, with the exception of my wife, who doesn't, which makes me thankful. Its nice to have this place to myself every now and again.

Speaking of my wife, and one of my coworkers is getting married. i love her to death and she's a good person. In fact, she's one of the very few people I invited to our wedding. Anyway, the girls and I were invited to her wedding and its Memorial Day weekend. Its not terribly likely that I'll get off for it and we know the girls won't be able to go. Outside of that, its in a city about three hours away. I hate driving by myself. I mentioned to her that I didn't know if I would be able to go because of it, and also (I said laughingly) I wouldn't have a date since Kitten had to work. She looked at me in suprise and said she assumed I was going to bring Flyguy.

I almost didn't know how to respond. I think I laughed, and said yes, he does clean up well. I was suprised though. I couldn't imagine any other married person I know going to a wedding without their spouse and bringing another date instead. I would never insult Kitten that way. Mention not that an overnight trip with Flyguy out of the city with him as my date to one of our coworkers wedding would do nothing to quell the rumors that he and I are sleeping together (or that he, Kitten, Oscelot and I are sleeping together- astounding isn't it?) Anyway, it suprised me. It also kind of jives with my prior post about how I think people see my relationship sometimes. was odd.

In other news, I have started reading, at Kitten's suggestions, the Warriors series by Erin hunter. I'm completely addicted. we're all reading some part of the series nwo, and its funny to me how we've allowed the book terminology to seep into our household language. We've already determined Squirt, our cat with a bum leg, would be a medicine cat. Anyway, if you're looking for a light, easy read, its a great series, and its not lacking in books to read for a while. It has completely hikajacked my reading list. I've even suggested it to some of my customers.

Two weeks from now we're headed out of town for a concert. In case you're curious, its not Brandi Carlyle for a change. Its actually for an artist called Katie Herzig, who opened for Brandi at a concert Kitten and I saw about two years ago. We loved her and this is the first chance we've had to go and see her preform again. I'm looking forward to it. Also, we get to stop by the city Kitten's sister lives in, which is good. We didn't get to see them for Christmas, and just found out she got a job offer in Wisconsin, which is quite far away from where we live. I'll be glad to see them before they move. I feel saddened that they won't be quite as close, but then, we're planning on moving to Portland OR and that's on the coast, so I have no room to complain, do I?

I spent most of the other morning I had off watching videos on Youtube. Actually, I've been a bit of a Youtube freak lately. I'm not normall on it, but this time...well. I got hooked watching Lady Gaga videos the other morning. I love her. I don't care who laughs at me, she's talented, beautiful and her songs are damn catchy. Of course, I also took the time to watch a couple of videos by David Guetta, and artist Flyguy introduced me to and whom I like very much. I also happen to like most of the videos, although I do agree with whomever it was that said he never really serves much purpose in his videos...

I got distracted the other night thinking about ballet, and the Oscleot and I spend the entire evening planted in front of the computer watching the BBC recording of the Royal Academy Ballet's 2009 rendition of The Nutcracker. I was spellbound. Its the first time in a long time I've been able to watch the ballet in its entirety. Also, there was a lot more conforming to the actual storyline of the ETA Hoffman novel, which I won't cover now, because I could talk about that for an eternity and a half and not shut up. Its on my list of books to acquire. When I was younger I had a fully illustrated copy of the nvoel in coffee table version and I don't know where it got to. Its actually the full novel, not the children's illustrated made for baby version without the gore and violence...anyway...see what I mean about talking about it forever? It was a delightful evening because I had pizza, and breadsticks, and hot tea and an evening of ballet while wrapped comfortably in my blanket. We get to go see The Memphis Ballet in three weeks and I am really excited about that too. We're going with Kitten's mom. Its going to be a good time. Also, I have an excuse to wear something pretty, which I never say no to.

I got to thinking about dance again the other day. Hedgewitch and I talked about it, and then Flyguy and I talked about it, and then I talked about it with Oscelot. I think there's some contemplation of taking Ballroom lessons, despite my objections that it could become and expensive hobby. Also, I should mention, Flyguy has not agreed to the scheme, only me and the ladies so far, hedgewitch included. I think Shyguy will do it. I know FG won't. He's too busy and he swears he can't dance. (Which is a lie I am pretty sure I could prove) I miss dancing a lot and I think its time for me to find some sort of outlet for it, because I can't go on being sad and missing the thing I love most. I can't. Well, its the "hobby" I love most, I suppose. The thing I love most is Kitten, isn't it?

That's my February so far in a nutshell. I can't think if there's anything else I've forgotten to mention, though heaven knows I'll remember the moment I hit publish. That's always the way, isn't it?

I'm probably only breaking for now so I can write something truly rediculous. But then, that would be a sign things we heading back to normal now, wouldn't it?


Also, I might thank Swiss for the earworm which resulted in the title of this post. (I'm like you, friend, give me a depressing song and I'm hooked.) Although, it could be worse, I've had Marroon Five's "Moves Like Jagger" and that stupid "I love you like a love song baby" song stuck in my head for weeks now.


  1. hell yeah... depressing songs FTW. I find them oddly, um, uplifting.

  2. (man, your "prove your not a spam robot" thing is HARD)

  3. ^^^^ YOU'RE.

    Dangnabbit, and now my perfectionism is making me go through the damn thing AGAIN.

  4. Swiss, I assume you mean its difficult? Not that it gave you the word hard??? That would be...well, like I was picking the words...