Wednesday, June 1, 2011

99 and 1- Can You Spot the Lie?

Right, so this was a thing some of the bloggers I know did about a million years ago. Its called 99 truths and a lie. The idea is that I'm going to tell you 100 things about me and you have to pick out the one that isn't true. It took forever for people to get it last time. I wonder how it will go now?

Also, I promise a real post after this one, probably later tonight. :)

1. I love to roller skate. I have my own pair of speed skates. They are black and pink.
2. Even though I have had them since second grade, I still hate the look of my glasses. I think they make me look ugly.
3. I love to ride roller coasters. Except wooden ones. They make my teeth chatter.
4. I hate ranch dressing. It makes my gag reflex kick in. i almost never put dressing on my salads. I like them dry.
5. I like horror movies, but I won't watch them at night. It will give me terrible dreams.
6. I like to drink my soda hot. As a general rule, I prefer all my beverages warm.
7. I can run quickly, but I run like a girl. (You know, arms flailing, etc.)
8. I've been a smoker since I was 15. I started on a church trip.
9. I like to garden, even though I have a bit of a black thumb.
10. I prefer to wear skirts and dresses to wearing pants.
11. I've had sex with my best friend. I was glad I did. We're better friends for it.
12. I want to move to Portland, Oregon. I've only visited once, but I've felt homesick for it ever since then.
13. I have a huge sweet tooth. I especially like chocolate (the fancy kind) and red vines, which are like crappy twizzlers.
14. I have ten tattoos, but I am terrified of needles. I always have a bit of a panic attack before I get one.
15. I actually like Eminem as an artist. I know a lot of people in my community don't, but I think he's really talented.
16. I used to be a ballet dancer. I danced until I was in my mid-teens, when I had an ankle injury that kept me off my feet for 3 months and effectively ruined me for toe.
17. I used to work as an exotic dancer at a local gay bar. I loved it. I made most of my money from gay men.
18. It took me four years to finish my first novel. I'm currently at about 6 months on the new one.
19. I'm a snob about my writing, I believe the genre I am writing in now generally contains poor quality work.
20. I hate waitressing because I'm actually very shy. I don't like talking to strangers.
21. I have an enormous ego. I hate to have people make fun of me. I have no idea where it came from, because most of my life I have had a ver low self-esteem.
22. I'm a chronic flirt. It makes me happy to make someone smile when I flirt with them. Sometimes I do it unintentionally.
23. Before I became a Wiccan I was a Southern Baptist.
24. I love to cook but I am a terrible baker. I can literally ruin a box cake mix.
25. I love black and white photography. I spent hours at the Ansel Adams travelling exhibit. I've seen it four times. My favorite black and white photographer is Christian Coigny.
26. I am compulsive about having my bra and underwear match. This is a recent development, say in the last five years. It is especially difficult as right now my two favorite bras are purple and leopard print. I actually don't own a white bra.
27. In a pinch, I'll use duct tape for a cra if I don't have a strapless that matches. You'd be suprised at the colors they make it in now.
28. I love to swim. I am a self taught swimmer. I didn't learn until I was a teenager because my mom is afraid of water.
29. I was almost 21 before I could run a mile in under 12 minutes.
30. I like having my picture taken, even though I don't think I take terribly good photos. I think this goes back to the ego thing.
31. My passport only has two stamps outside the US stamps: England and Kuwait.
32. Instead of wearing cologne I wear essential oils. My favorites right now are Jasmine and Frankinscence and Myrrh. The girls call it "the baby jesus" When I wear it.
33. I am terrified of spiders. Its one of the few things that will truly make me scream.
34. I think my toes are funny looking. For me, its a sign of trust if I let you see me barefoot. I'll even wear sneakers right up until the moment I get in the pool.
35. My mom's second husband was a tornado chaser. I grew up listening to the police scanner at night. I think its really calming.
36. I have to sleep in absolute blackness. When its summer and we keep the windows open, I actually wear a sleep mask.
37. I write better when there is background noise. If the radio isn't on, or the television, I have a hard time focusing.
38. I would love to own a motorcycle. Not likely, because Kitten says I would kill myself.
39. I'm really clumsy. Seriously, a danger to myself and others.
40. If I watch television for too long I get a headache. I can read for hours and it not effect me.
41. I didn't get my first cell phone until I was 23.
42. The last song played at my high school prom was AC/DC "shook me all night long"
43. I am a karaoke addict. I love to go out and sing.
44. I've tried out for American Idol. Sort of.
45. I have never owned a pair of leather pants. I have, however, owned leather capirs, skirts, jackets and vests. I love the smell of leather.
46. When Kitten and I were on our honeymoon I almost choked to death while we were scuba diving because a leopard ray swam up to me and scared the crap out of me.
47. I am allergic to fish. Almost everything out of the water will send me into anaphylaxis. I know, because I've tried almost everything in an attempt to find some sort of seafood I can eat.
48. My first car was a 1988 Cutlass Calais. My parents bought it for me. It was black with gold rims and a red velvet interior. I worried it was hot. The sound system was awesome though.
49. I absolutely adore the Toyota Prius. I want one. But not until they fix that "the battery dies every 7 years and costs as much as the car to replace" problem.
50. I wish I had brown eyes.
51. I absolutely cannot tan. I might get slightly darker in the summer, but I'm still pale. If I get too much sun I burn, blister and peel. I wear SPF 50+ sunscreen to prevent this from happening.
52. I hated the color pink until I was about 25. Suddenly, its one of my favorite colors. My bedroom even has pink polka dots on the walls.
53. My IQ is high enough I qualify for automatic admission into MENSA.
54. I havent seen my biological father since my parents were divorced when I was four. I've nevre had the desire to.
55. I have a terrible habit of eating in bed, if you'll let me get away with it. It drives Kitten crazy, I've almost stopped doing it. Almost.
56. I don't know why, but I think eating fresh fruit is sexy.
57. I hate cantelope.
58. I was bitten by a snake when I was 7. I still have a scar on my ankle from it.
59. I didn't start shaving until I was almost 17. My parents wouldn't let me. I tried once to sneak it, and I ended up needing stitches.
60. I love zoos. They make me happy because I like the idea that animals have a safe place to be when their natural habitat is disappearing.
61. My favorite bird is the vulture. I think they are beautiful.
62. I love riding carousels. I will get on one at any opportunity. Even if its me and twenty five year olds.
63. I used to have a pet guinea pig called artaxerxes. I called him xerky for short.
64. I attened my first catholic mass two years ago. I was disappointed they didn't do it in latin.
65. My favorite month of the year is October. November is a close second, since its the month I got married in.
66. I can read palms.
67. Almost all my life I have had two swimsuits, one black two peice, one black one peice. I currently do not own a black swimsuit.
68. Most of the shorts I own are actually men's swim trunks. I hate shorts that come up high on my leg, I think my thighs are frightening.
69. I prefer baths to showers.
70. I love candles, and have tons of them, but I never burn them outside of rituals.
71. My high school didn't have air conditioning. They got it about three years after I left.
72. I was a cheerleader in junior high.
73. I've never purchased a car. All of my boughten vehicles have been trucks.
74. For the first time in my life, this last eye appointment, my eye actually improved.
75. I eat my steak medium. Nothing bugs me more than to see a good peice of meat burnt to where you can't taste it.
76. I only like alfredo sauce sometimes. It doesn't vary by restaurant either, it depends on my mood.
77. My current favorite style of cuisine is Japaneese. I eat hibachi as often as possible.
78. I hate sandals with a split in the toe. I think flip flops are an abbomination of god. I never, ever wear them. In fact, I've never owned a pair.
79. I love the rain. I like to leave my windows open and look up at the sky and smell the rain when it comes. I think its peaceful.
80. I don't like to drive. I let Kitten drive as often as possible. I'd rather be in the passenger seat, although I am a horrible backseat driver.
81. I have a terrible overbite, so I have to eat stupid things like apples and ribs with a fork, because I can't get my mouth properly around them. (haha, I know, I'm laughing too. Get your mind out of the gutter.)
82. I've only recently discovered that I like the Beetles. I'm usually more a Stones girl.
83. I wear a turquiose necklace to work, it helps me to stay calm and focused. There is a visible difference on the days I don't.
84. I resent my mom for liking my brother better than me. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I'm the better kid. Love in my family is usually given based on merit, and it annoys me because I try hard, and it doesn't seem to make a difference.
85. I am terrified of Kitten's mom, even though I have no reason to be. She really intimidates me. After three years, I still feel like I have to impress her. I hate when she drops by unannounced because I don't have time to clean beforehand.
86. I skipped marijuana as a gateway drug, The first thing I ever tried was cocaine.
87. I am really pendantic about other people's grammer, even though mine is sometimes lackluster, and my spelling is atrocious.
88. I am a chrinic book re-reader. I have books on my shelf I have never read, but I'll pick up one of my old favorites first.
89. I love trashy vampire novels.
90. I do not have the same problem with short skirts as I do with shorts. I do, however, hide my legs with hosiery if I wear a skirt. I hate when women don't wear appropriate hosiery.
91. I can run faster in high heels than I can in sneakers.
92. I own more pairs of boots than I do anything else.
93. I am good in bed. That sounds cocky, but its not. I don't admit to being good at many things, but that's one of them. Probably an overshare, but its the truth. And if I can't brag here...where can I brag?
94. Writing is relaxing to me. Its how I cope with stress.
95. On my days off, its fun to go drive and get lost. As long as I don't end up on some back road with a cliff on it. But I do like finding new places.
96. If you give me a camera, I will take pictures of seriously stupid stuff. Walls, flowers, ducks...anything that catches my eye.
97. No matter what time I go to sleep I almost never get more than five hours. If I sleep longer than that I tend to wake up feeling like crap.
98. I think my ice cream man is either selling or buying drugs from my neighbors. At inne every night we hear him and he stops next door pretty frequently. Its common for one of us to call out "anyone want a bomb pop or a dime bag?"
99. I can't fall asleep with my socks off. I do, however, kick them off once I fall asleep.
100. I paint my toenails but not my fingernails.

There, that's 100. Your turn- guess the lie.


  1. I am thinking 91 . . . the running faster in high heels than in sneakers. If you can really do that, then I am seriously impressed, like bowing down to your eternal greatness kind of impressed!

  2. First, thank you for not making me go back and look. And no, that's true. I can actually run faster in heels. I have a really high arch. Heels as a general rule, fit me better than tennis shoes because of that. The better a shoe fits, the faster you can run. Sadly, put me ina pair of stilletos or hooker boots, and I can beat most people in a footrace.