Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adventure Day

Today was definately an interesting day.

We got up early this morning and headed off to get breakfast. We went to a little diner in our downtown that has really good breakfast food. Used to, we would only go there if we had a lot of time to kill. Truth be told, it takes forever to get your food, and up until recently the service was seriously lackluster. But the food is so darn good! Fortunately there seems to have been a change of management or something because the service has improved beyond measure. It still takes forever to get the food, but it doesn't seem to matter as much since your coffee actually gets refilled. And the coffee is good. They serve gourmet imported stuff. Their hot tea (that's what I really like) is served loose leaf. I've actually had to water down the black tea before- its just that strong.

This morning I got one of their specialty cupcakes. I don't know if I mentioned it the last time I ate there- they have a baker, and her cupcakes are awesome. Last time I had a raspberry cupcake wtih dark chocolate icing and a tiny rasperrby garnish. I actually took a picture of it on my phone, because it looked vaguely like a breast with a very rosy nipple. It was served on a red plate, so it didn't help much. Today I had a summer fruit cupcake, which as best I could tell was strawberry, raspberry and some sort of melon. The icing was cream colored, but I couldn't tell you the flavor. It was delicious. I took a picture of it too.

Afterwards we went to the bus station. As a promotion to get people to use more public transport the local authorities decided today was ride the bus free day. We decided to have an adventure. We rode around town on the bus and stopped off at thrift stores and health food markets and such. It was pretty fun, after I got over the whole 'sit by a stranger who wants to make random conversation with you' thing. I eventually got myself a window seat and put on my sunglasses. Once I had drifted off to daydream land I was alright. The shopping was fun. The girls found some pants they liked. I got three new skirts, a little black dress and a shirt.

Once we made it back downtown we tried a different route. This one was a complete failure. We read the map wrong and ended up taking a tour of the wrong side of town and then coming right back to the bus station. We nicknamed that one "the ghetto bus of doom". There were a few times we were pretty sure the bus driver was just going to have us all pile out into the random fields and shoot us. We were glad to get off.

After, we went to this awesome buger joint near the bus station. They specialize in sliders, which they make (and I mean, put the patty together) as you order them. I might have mentioned them before. I had two bacon cheezeburgers and some chips and a soda. It was delightful. I was so full it hurt.

After that the night was less interesting. I got home, changed for work and headed off. On the upside, work was easy. I'm greatful for that. Tomorrow is my longest day of the week, so I am always glad when Thursdays aren't quite as painful.

Have you had an adventure this week?


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