Sunday, June 12, 2011

Game Changer

So today got off to a really bad start. I spent all night tossing and turning. I had nightmares. And not stupid ones where its scary but you know its not real. Last night I was reliving some of the most awful moments in my life, one after another, all night long. Not good if you want some sleep.

When I got up for work this morning I found a flat tire on my truck. Twenty minutes before I had to be at work. And it was raining. So I had to get a ride with my mom. Yay.

Work sucked. More than usual. I'm not a cryer and I spent most of the morning on the verge of tears. Plus, I'm used to being able to have a cigarette when I'm stressed or upset. No smoking in public anymore. Boo. Anna had to get a ride to me, and thankfully one of our friends took us home.

That's the short version of my morning.

Then I got home and the game changed. The girls talked about it. I can go back to school. This fall. Two short months away. I'm so excited I want to cry. I did the happy dance around the living room, texted my two best friends, did another happy dance, and made plans to go up to the local community college this Tuesday when I'm off. I'm so excited.

True, its CC and not Local State U, but its a start. If I can get my associates, then I can go back to State U and fix my mistakes. And I'll be in school. That's the important thing.

I really dont have anything else to say. I just wanted to telll you all that.

Oh, and also, if you are following me...I can't see my follows due to some glitch in my computer. If you would post a comment for me, so I can see you, that would be awesome. Also, if you want, I'll add you to my blogroll, so I can find and read you. But only if you want me to.

Have a great day friends. I'm off to get ready for my first night training as a manager at Casa Bueno.


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  1. I'm so excited for you!!!

    Don't knock CC. That's where I went to begin with when I went back to college. I did as much as I could there before transferring to finish my degree elsewhere, and got an amazing education. I was actually ahead of a lot of my classmates at the 4 yr. college I transferred to. Best of all, I saved a ton of money. I spent more on one semester at the 4 yr. college than I did in 2.5 yrs at the CC! :0)

    I can't wait, I'm so happy for you! I should be starting a Master's program in the Fall (if I get off my butt and finish the application essays), but will be back in school in the Spring at the latest. We can cheer each other on!