Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Brief Apology

I've just gone back and re-read what I posted last night. Tripe. Utter tripe.

I had actually meant to post something about my years as a teenager, but that was what came out instead. As a point of pride, I refuse to take it down. There may be soem point in the future I was torewrite that crap. God save me.

Tonight I promise I will give you something worth reading. Probably tales from my teen years. Or I might tell you about what it was like for me to work as a dancer at a gay bar. There's some funny stories there...Or maybe you want me to post something serious? Today is the anniversary of the official announcement of the discovery of HIV/AIDS. 30 astoundsme sometimes. Actually, if you check out NPR, they're doing some interesting stuff on that.

Anywho...I will get around to writing something interesting.

You tell me, what do you want to read about?


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