Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love Letter

You fill up my mind.

I lose my eyes and you are there. Its like you wait for me. Every time I blink I see you, and it reminds me of how much I love you. It reminds me that no matter what, you are a part of me that I can't escape. At night I lie in bed and the sound of your voice echoes through my mind. I can hear you whispering softly to me, all the loving words you have ever spoken. They play continually- a soft romantic ballad written only for me.

It only takes a moment, but if I lie still, I can feel your touch. I feel the soft caress of your hands all over me. Second by decond you become more real, and I know the scratch of your nails on my body, the whisper of your fingertips against my face and lips. I sigh, and I reach out to the feeling that only you seem to give me. My heart flutters, my lips become softer and every other part of me becomes harder -strained- as your phantom touch rolls over me. I wait for the release, I wait for the moment you let me go. But you are there, even as I sleep. You are there, walking through my dreams, holding my hand, talking to me, making me smile. You never leave me, not for a moment.

I don't mind my bondage to you. Its a willing, eager servitude, and the chains you bind me with are soft as silk. They free me as much as they entrap, and I love the way I give myself over wholly to you. I revel in the feeling of being yours. Its beautiful. I'm beautiful- if only for you.

You know me- I want to escape sometimes. I want to get away from everything real. I want to create a world for myself and linger there as time ticks slowly by. The sounds of reality might rush past me- the movements required of me I still preform. But I am not there, I am somewhere else. I'm so glad, because you are there with me.

It takes only a moment, a heartbeat, and you are there. You stretch out your hand to me, ask me to come with you, and I can walk away. Everything else melts, there comes a soft, hazy shimmer, and suddenly I am living in two worlds. There is only me, in this second world, with you. There is a field full of tall grasses and wildflowers and we walk through it together. I can feel the weight of your hand in mine, the warmth of your touch, and I need nothing else.

But you give it to me, you always give me more. There is more than your touch, and your smile. There is your voice, rich and warm, telling me sweet things. Telling me interesting things to keep me from being afraid, or worried, or bored. It flows like honey and I drink it in, savorng the taste of your words. There is your playfullness, as you draw me through this world of ours- one that neither of us would share with anyone else. You and I, we understand the place we are in. No one else would, so we don't speak of it.

The most beautiful thing, to me, though, is I know that you feel it too. I can hear it when I truly speak to you. I can see it when I look in your eyes. I can touch it on your skin. I can taste it in your kiss. I am to you what you are to me. You know our secret world, because I guide you through it the way you do me. I can see the grass swaying in your eyes. I can hear the sound of our laughter in your tone. I am your heartbeat. You are mine. Each breath, each second, belongs to us.

I love you.


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