Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tonight We Discuss Agony, Irony, Friendship and Fun

Today was a wonderful, exciting, action packed day.

I registered for school today. It was at once the most awesome thing I have done in a long time and the most frustrating and terrifying.

We got up this morning and went to breakfast, its a Tuesday morning tradition in our house to have breakfast together. After breakfast Oscelot had a doctor's appointment. While she was there I was going to zip over to Local CC to see what I needed to do to get registered. I had already looked at the site online. I knew I was going to have to apply. I knew I would have to talk about financial aid. I was aware they might need my transcripts. I was also prepared to take placement testing if they needed me to.

I wasn't prepared to feel totally lost. When we got to the school (Kitten was with me) I went and checked in with Student Services. They sent me upstairs with a little purple slip a bit like a hallpass, and told me there was someone upstairs who could help me. This was a lie.

There was someone upstairs. But she did not help me. I went to the desk and was met by a surly looking Asian chick about my age, possibly younger. I handed her my slip and told her they had said downstairs that she could help me. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: They said you could help me get things sorted out
AC: What do you want?
Me: To go to school
AC: So you want an information packet?
Me: No, I want to register for school.
AC: Have you filled out an application?
Me: No
AC: well here's a computer password, they're case senstive. You can use the computer over there to do it. Then you'll need to get your transcripts or placement testing or both and deal with your financial aid. Then we'll get back to you.
Me: Um, so, the transcripts...If I wanted to start over, couldn't I just take the placement tests and, you know, start over? Do I have to transfer my credits?
AC: We don't do that. You have to use your old credits.
Me: Why?
AC: Because if you've already gone to school we need to see it.
Me: So couldn't I just give you the transcripts and start over
AC: No.
Me: Why?
AC: You need to fill out an application first. You can use the computer over there to do it. Then you'll need to get your transcripts or placement testing or both and deal with your financial aid. Then we'll get back to you.
Me: So, is there, like, a chance I won't get accepted?
AC: No. We're open enrollment.
Me: How long before I hear anything?
AC: Your transcripts will take at least three days and then we need at least a week to process them.
Me: Before I'm accepted?
AC: Before we can enroll you in classes.

Throroughly confused, I wandered over to the computer and applied. Once it was in I tried printing off a transcript request form from the computer. Nothing happened. I went and asked her timidly if I was allowed to print from the computer, since the printer behind me wasn't working. She told me to use the printer behind me. I ended up writing the information down. We left, after I swiped some study guides for the placement tests.

I tried not to collapse into a state of nerves from this exchange. I have mentioned, frequently, I don't like strangers. I really, really don't like strangers who are grumpy. Especially when I am forced to talk to them because they have something I need. They scare me. I was indeed scared by the AC.

After picking up Oscelot we went to State U, where I was last enrolled, in an attempt to get my transcript. I discovered I was encumbered (this means I owe the school money for something) So I went to the payment office to deal with it. The lady at the window asked me for my "M Number" I told her I didn't know what that was. I offered my SSN. She told me no, she had to have my M Number. Then she asked when I last attened school. I admitted it had been 5 years. She made a comment about me being in "that old system we used to have"

Cue me waiting for 15 minutes while they find my M Number, which apparently was assigned to me when they got the new system, even if I didn't know it. When I finally got my staggeringly large encumberance figure (okay, $180 but it felt big to me) I left, since I didn't have that in my pocket. Feeling defeated I plodded back to metered parking where the girls were waiting. Kitten cheerfully packed me off to my old high school so I could get those transcripts.

They've completely redone the inside of the building. It didn't even look like my school anymore. I got my transcript request. Then I had to go back to the truck because they make you pay for them in high school, aparently. Then I had to traipse all over the building to get a receipt, because apparently the school has one person solely dedicated to giving out receipts and the lady who did that was out to lunch. (apparently, this isn't uncommon. It was when I was in school) while they were breaking into her office to get my receipt I looked in on the principal, who was nearby. Friends, he looked my age. I wanted to die. Here's this guy who can't be more than five years older than me, sitting in his office in a school mascot hoodie, while I waited to get my transcript receipt so I could go back to community college. Wow. I'm a loser.

I also noted as I stepped back out into the sun that the school is now air conditioned. I made a snide comment about it as we drove off. Oscelot, the darling, looks at me incredulously and says, "You're school wasn't air conditioned?" No, dear heart, it wasn't. I'm old. We were lucky to have heaters that worked in the winter.

Back to State U because apparently Kitten had $180 laying around. After getting my encumberance paid and traisping off to more offices to make sure they knew I wasn't in debt anymore, we headed back to Local CC and I went back to the first floor in a terror, waiting to get my purple slip to go upstairs and have the AC yell at me again.

Turns out, the nice lady who helped me out this time tells me, my transcripts will be processed tonight. If I fill out my FAFSA (the priority deadline is July 1, sweetheart) and do my online orientation tonight or tomorrow, I could enroll for classes as soon as next week. All we have to do is wait on my student aid report. Lovely. I stammer quietly:

"So it doesn't take a week to process my transcripts?"
"No., who told you that?"
"The girl upstairs"
"She doesn't know what she's talking about. Here-I'll give you everything you need."

And she did. AC is a dirty, dirty liar. Kitten says I should cut her some slack since she deals with people and the same questions all the time. Personally, I think this means she should be more patient. Since she ought to know that some people are going to come in feeling uncertain and needing a little more guidance.

Maybe that's just me. When I got home I filled out the federal student aid form. It looks like I might qualify for some grants, which is awesome. I might be able to do this without completely financially decimating myself. Hooray, for once, for being poor. I can get help paying for school.

Things are looking up on the school front.

My first night learning to supervise at Casa Beuno went well. We're also starting some contests for new menu releases, and I always do well in those. I also make more money. I think its because I try harder. Either way, I'm excited about it, and I am looking forward to the next month or so.

Also, it looks like we might be able to find tires for less than $600 for our truck. It makes me feel better. I mean, that's a lot of money, but it feel a little more managable than $900. Stupid truck tires. They're so expensive. Its like they are lined in gold or something. Ah, well. If you need them you need them.

Things are not shaping up as well for me getting out of town in the next two weeks. This is a huge downer, because that means it will probably be after the fourth of July before we get a chance to go and do anything. Not good. I need out of town. Now. I'm so sick of the sight of Middle of Nowhere that I want to scream. I get this way a few times a year. Normally, just a little day trip our of town will fix this. I need to have a day to get away and have fun. Its annoying that money is the only thing preventing this. Really really annoying. It looks as though I will have to work harder, be more charming, and be friendlier than usual, so people want to tip me so I can buy truck tires so I can get the heck out of town.

Edited to note: I was having a friend conundrum last night. I got some good advice from the Lifeguard. I am not a 15 year old girl. I am better than that. Thank you, friend, for reminding me. I expect better from myself too.

In a more interesting aside, for my buddies who are my age, a coworker set me onto a website that totally has be giggling. Its called yeahflashback.com and it has pictures, rather like the lolcats, that are of old stuff from the 80's and 90's. If you ever wanted a dream phone, played with Lincoln Logs or chewed Dr. Pepper or ouch! (hubba bubba) bubble gum, this site is going to make you laugh. You should go check it out.

I'm also adding a new link in my blogroll. Her name is Bunny Low-Browski and she is a non-local rollergirl who blogs. I love reading her stuff, she's a funny, quick witted girl. I have to admit, I also love that she uses the word fuck prolifically. Because it seems natural to her. If you are a derby girl, or you know one, or you love the sport, this is a great read. If you're wanting an insight into the mentality of a great player who has an interesting outlook on her sport, this also something you will want to read. Honestly, I'm hoping you'll go check her out, at least once, just because I think she's cool.

I think that's all I'm able to bore you with tonight. Subscribers, leave me a dang comment. I want to know who you guys are. :) I like friends.

Take a moment this week to try and do something you've wanted to do. If you can't, confront a fear of yours. I'll be interested to hear from you, how it goes.

Have a great night.
I'm off to try and actually get some sleep.


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  1. What a bitch that girl was!

    But she was correct in that you need those transcripts; all colleges will require that you provide them. This is actually a good thing, because you'll often get credit for the classes you've taken in the past. This saves time and money now. I had to get transcripts from 3 colleges and my high school last time (each of them requiring I pay a fee), plus get my shots updated. Let me tell you, it isn't easy to find a place that provides the MMR inoculation to adults for some reason. And I hate FAFSA time, I really do. It needs to get done, but it sucks. Be aware that different colleges have different FAFSA deadlines, so you'll need to find out when it's due if you transfer. For example, mine is due Feb. 15th.


    Though all of this is one gigantic pain in the ass, it really, truly is worth it!