Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Day At The Pool

I had the most amazing day today.

Honestly, it didn't start out the way I planned. I had talked to my mom yesterday about going to the pool and swimming with her for a while. Granted, it would be a public pool, and I hate them- however, I have been dying to get into the water since the weather turned hot enough to fry eggs on the pavement. I was ready.

When I got up this morning, I planned on running down to our local bistro and trying their breakfast before we got started for the day. I called my mom and asked what time she wanted to come over. She informed me that she didnt' have a swimsuit. This irritated me since it was her idea to go swimming. I asked if she couldn't just go buy one. She said she didn't have the money. So I was to think during breakfast over what we were to do to spend time together and get back to her.

Breakfast was not nearly as tasty as their dinners, so I was let down. We finally hit upon the idea of flea marketing, and so that became the plan for the afternoon. I won't bore you with the details of teh trip, but I did find a couple of really sweet vintage dresses, and I purchased them. I am sure they will appear in pictures of me soon.

The great part of the day, however, came after that. I texted my dear friend Sakura and asked him if he would like to come to the pool with us. He suggested we go to the one at his apartment complex. How generous and kind of him. We took him up on his offer and went to his place. The pool was magnificent. Far nicer than any apartment pool I've ever seen. It had a waterfall all along one side, it was big, there was plenty of deep water (rare in apartment pools) and a huge tannign deck with a hot tub. I was in heaven.

We brought snacks down to the pool. I slathered on some SPF 90 sunscreen. Yeah, 90. Its the only way to keep me from burning. We got into the pool and I was in heaven. I really love to swim. I didn't learn until I was a teenager because my mom is afraid of water, but I sure do love it now. I actually learned to bodysurf (without a boogy board, thank you) and I'm a pretty strong swimmer for having never had formal lessons. I like to lap swim, which I hear is uncommon. But truly, I love being in the water in any way I can be.

Today was great. I got to lounge in the pool, play around with Sakura, Oscelot and Kitten. We had a really good time. When we got hungry we ordered a pizza and had them bring it to the pool. That was somethign I'd never done before. To me, as silly as it seems, it was decadent, and fun. Every now and again we would climb out and snack and lather on more sunscreen. It was nice. At one point Oscelot and I were left to our own devices while Kitten and Sakura went to the clubhouse and played billiards and scrabble.

It was extremely relaxing. I've been needing a break, and having a day at the pool was just what I was needing.

Hope your day was a s lovely as mine.


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