Thursday, September 29, 2011

I've gotten so much braver, can you tell?

I'm hoping everyone found my last post interesting and educational. I'm planning on adding another new one later tonight, but for now I thought I would just talk about the things I 've been doing lately.

I had a good time for our Mabon ritual. It went suprisingly well. I really enjoyed it, as a practicioner, and I was pleased with the work I did. It was my first ritual that I wrote myself, and I was proud of my work. I was also really happy with my coven's response to it. It seemed like it really resonated with them, and I felt really good about it afterwards. I really feel like I am coming into my own power as a witch, and I'm enjoying it.

Speaking of witchy work, this week is the new moon and with it I am planning on a huge house blessing for our space. Its been a really long time since I've done one, and I'm excited to work on it. I have all of the tools I need now, thanks in most part to our local health food store. I couldn't believe how much stuff they have in their dried herbs section. It saved me a lot of time and a lot of money as far as mail ordering goes. I'm probably going to work the blessing tonight. I'm excited for it, even if it will leave me a little drained. I'm probably going to ask the girls to help me.

I also worked a spell for Flyguy this week, and I'll be interested to hear from him how its working. I think he was a little suprised bythe gift, but I'm also hoping he wasn't frightened. He seemed more pleased than anything.

Speaking of Flyguy, we went to the zoo yesterday and had a great time. The weather this time of year is perfect, the animals are a lot more active than they are during the hot summer months. I love watching them move. The lion was in full show mode yesterday, he stood out in the middle of his enclosure and roared like crazy. It was moving, and beautiful. As a side note about lions, I saw the Lion King in 3D a couple mondays ago and it was amazing. If its still showing where you live go see it. I cried like a baby. It was beautiful. It also renewed my love for Elton John. He's such a talented composer. I really enjoy his work.

We made reservations for our family vacation last week too. Every year right before thanksgiving we go on vacation. We like this time of year, in part because its cooler and we can enjoy the trip more; also because there are less people in a workplaces wanting to get away, so we can take off longer without feeling guilty. As a bonus, it gives us a chance to relax before the holidays begin, which we need very much. This year will be our coven's first year practicng through the winter holidays, and I forsee there will be a little stress involved. Our families still use the Christian calendar, which is fine, but it means we have an extra load of holiday visiting. We'll have Thanksgiving, then Yule, our winter holiday, then Christmas, then Candlemas, another one of our holidays right behind it. On top of Halloween (our new year) and the calendar new year too. Its a lot to handle.

Anyway. This year we're going to Eureka Springs Arkansas. Its a little victorian town settled in the mountains. It was made famous because of its enormous quantity of springs in the vicinity. We're planning on having a relaxing trip. We'll go to one of the bathhouses for massages and springwater baths. I think the girls are excited at the prospect of a couple of ghost tours I've foudn for us to take. There's also a substantial wild cat preserve nearby. Plus great shopping and amazing restaurants. Its one of my favorite places to visit and I haven't stayed overnight since I went with Rogue about four years ago. Kitten and Oscelot have never stayed overnight, Oscelot has never even been there. So we have a lot to look forward to.

Also, I have to mention, because Kitten will be delighted I reported it, last night I lost a game of scrabble. She and Flyguy played me a couple of games. They kept me under 200 points both times (hard to do, I promise) and Kitten trounced me the second game. It was Flyguy's first time playing, and I'm looking forward to having a rematch with him, because he's remarkably good at the game, for all his protests of needing to study first and not knowing what he's doing.

My lovely coven has been keeping me busy, but in a good way. Hedgewitch and Sakura are over a lot, which is lovely. I get a chance to talk to them and stya balanced. I like having people I can share myself with that aren't my partners. I have finally found that balance that gives me a chance to be myself with other people without the worry of what they think. No one cares that I like to be close to them, in fact, they're all nice touchy feely people, which I need. They give me a chance to grow, which I love, but at the same time, they make me feel like a wise person as well. I am always delighted to have them in my home, and I can't wait to spend more time with them.

I'm off to work now, so I can make some money and get back home to being happy and fulfilled.

I hope today is treating you all well.


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  1. I love that you're so happy and content right now. Balance is so hard to achieve, and I'm glad that you've achieved it.

    Perhaps I missed it, but can you tell me more about Mabon? What is its significance? What does it celebrate? It's one I haven't heard of before.

    The holidays sound busy, but fun and meaningful.

    I'd never thought about vacationing just before Thanksgiving. You've got it all worked out. Smart! *G*