Saturday, May 28, 2011

Anywhere But Here

So I'm having a cranky day. Work was even slower than yesterday, if you imagine. I was off the floor after three tables. Not exactly the way to make your mortgage payment. It leaves me angry and a little disiillusioned with the job, to say the least. I think I'm approaching another burnout period, which isn't suprising. Four years in any job will burn you out, and I work with people- that makes it harder for me. Despite what anyone might think, I'm actually pretty shy, and I don't like being around strangers. This makes my job difficult, because I earn my wage by being nice to them. Its helped me come out of my shell, but some days I feel like running and screaming out of the building. Today was definately one of those days.

When you're at work and you have literally nothing to do, boredome creeps in. I try to find ways to amuse myself. Today I made a list of places I would go, if i were able to. Money is no object, time is not a concern. If I coould go anywhere, do anything today, here are the things and places I would rather be. (complete with illustrations!) (By the way- sorry if the formatting is jacked up. I've edited this thing four times now. It hates me today)

Portland Oregon : Not only home to one of my very best friends in the world, but also the city I hope to make my home one day. The fantastic Carly Baer (an up and coming musician, two albums deep and amazing) is also there, and I would be happy to see her too. If I were in Portland today I'd be stopping by Powell's City of Books, the largest indipendednt bookseller in the country. Their home store, lovingly nicknamed "the mothership" is over a city block long. The satellite stores are actually genre stores that have broken off because of how big the place is. After, I would stop by Voodoo Doughnuts and get their world famous Voodoo Man doughnut. He's amazing, a raspberry filled jelly doughnut in the shape of a human. Coated in chocolate with x's for eyes and pretzel sticks stuck in him like voodoo pins; probably the best pastry I've ever had. Then I'd stop off at Cargo, the coolest foreign import and antique store I've ever seen. And because its in the Pearl District, I'd finsih my day with an eveing at one of the local taverns eating fine foods and sipping reigonal beers. You know, the kind that are more than 5% alcohol, the ones that get you wasted after two. I learned the hard way, but what a great way to learn.

St. Louis, MO

This is a picture of a fountain outside St. Louis's Union Station. Its called the Meeting of the Waters. I absolutely love it, I have since I was a little girl. I would definately make this, and Union Station, a stop on my visit to St. Louis. Hell, I would probably stay at the Hyatt inside union station. The hotel is nice and there's a mall with decent food inside. Can't beat that. Beyond the appeal of the architecture of the city, there's a great zoo, a science center, several really nice art museums, The Fox Theater, and The Magic House- a interactive museum designed for kids, but I always have a blast when I'm there. On top of that, there's The Hill, famous for italian food made by real Italians that settled in the city in its early years. Rumors of mafia connections and everything homemade are more than enough to draw me there. I've never been, which is something of a crime seeing as how many times I've been to the city. Its so close...I need to make it a priority. Also, Oscelot tells me there is something called the City Museum, which is a gigantic playground that adults can go to, with slides big enough to thrill even me. Beyond the awesome touristy things (I've only been in the arch once!) There is also a certain lifeguard who is there for the summer. I wouldn't mind seeing her either.

New York City

Yeah, I'm not posting a picture of New York. Suffice to say, I've only seen one Broadway production live, and it wasn't there. I want to. I want to see them all. I've only been there once, overnight, just before Christmas, and I want to go back and experience everything.

London, England

Another place I haven't really been. Heathrow is just outside of London, if I remember right, and I spent most of my time there getting felt up by a security lady because I forgot to take out a navel ring. Oops. So, technically, I haven't been to England at all. It seems like a nice place to visit. There are plenty of things to see and do, and seeing as how I know some lovely folks that live nearby, I'm sure I wouldn't lack for a knowledgable source for real, interesting things to do, that didn't involve me messing with a Beefeater.

The Louvre, Paris

I'm sure there are plenty of other things to do in France, but lets be honest, if you're a geek like me, here's the big draw. I'd need a good week to truly enjoy the museum. After that, maybe, maybe I'd go see Notre Dame de Paris, but you never know. I might just check out from the museum to view the Champs Elysees. you're supposed to be able to meet someone you know, know matter how far you are from home. That sounds like fun, doesn't it?

In spite of my firm "drugs are bad" policy, this just seems like too much fun to pass up. Not to mention there's a red light district, formula one races (if you're there at the right time) right in the streets, and other sundry fun things to do. If I were to go be totally irresponsible, this would be the place to do it.

The Rhine River, Germany.
Take one look at this picture and tell me you don't want to go. The entire Rhine River is riddles with castles, some of which you can tour, as if the beauty of the river isn't a draw in and of itself. What a beautiful, relaxing way to spend a week.

The Grand Canyon

I've never been. To be honest, the thought of falling off the top of the cayon only to have bits and peices of me floating along the Colorado River has always been a huge factor in me not making this a destination for me, up until now. But I think taking some pack mules to the bottom and camping sounds like great fun. Rafting the Colorado appeals to my sense of adventure, and its one of the most beautiful sights in the US. Living in a city that is increasingly filled with concrete, strip malls and mini storage places makes you appreciate the few natural wonders we have left.

Niagra Falls- Another thing I've never seen that I want to.

Chicago, Il

I've only been once, and you know, I think I'd like to go back now that I'm an adult and can truly appreciate the city. Of all ironic things, its the first place I tried Thai food, and I never got around to a deep dish pizza. The gay district was amazing, and in Andersonville, a bookstore called Women and Children only; where the books are written by (you guessed it) women and children. The whole city was breath taking and I think I would enjoy it now more than ever.

Oklahoma City, OK

Right now the super reigonals for the college women's softball is going. Next week will be the World Series. I haven't been in years. It was a good time when I did go, though. On top of that- more museums, more science centers, THE VERY BEST ZOO I'VE EVER BEEN TO, and world class gardens make for a great trip. Add in some seriously good food, the National Cowboy Festival, The Red Earth Festival (the US's largest native american pow wow) and there isn't much room for argument that this city is not only beautiful and fun, its fascinating.

Wow, I'm talking too much. This could take forever! Alright- less pictures, more yakking.

Orlando, Fl. - I want to go back to Disney World

Guatemala- Mayan Ruins

Hawaii- Never been, never seen a volcano. I'd like to do both.

Stonehenge- Because I am a good Irish Girl. I'll kiss the blarney stone while I'm at it.

Canada- I know almost nothing about the country and culture. I should. Not to mention, all reports from friends say its a beutiful country. The healthcare sucks, I hear, but since I don't plan on injuring myself....should be okay. I also wouldn't mind learning that one game they play like shuffleboard on ice....Oh! and hockey! Did I mention I love hockey?

HaHaTonka State Park- I want to go hiking there. Its in my neck of the woods, it has great trails, some pretty strenuous. I love it there. Super relaxing, really a great picture of how beautiful Missouri can be.

Italy- If only for the food and wine. Oh, and Gypsies.

Greece- If only because of the cliche. And the beaches.

Other things I think would be fun to do right now:

Go to a lake

Lay by a stream and listen to the water.

Go bodysurfing. I've been craving the ocean.

Go Scuba Diving. Now, granted, I've only done supplied air, but that was fun. Why not take the time to do it right, and really explore? Also, sting rays terrify me.

Go horseback riding somehwere open like Montana, where there's more cows and horses than people. Run the horse as fast as I can. Shake my hair loose.

Go to a really, really big toy store. Play with the stuffed animals and the tonka trucks. Find an electric train set to take home and put around my christmas tree.

Go to an arcade. Waste a lot of money playing skeeball, pinball and any other game that has no reward but saying you rock at it. Go somewhere like the vintage arcade in my town where you can play games like Frogger and Galaga.

Play mini-golf. Because I suck at it. It still fun.

Go ice skating. We have a rink in town and it is so easy and cheap and fun. I never have anyone to go with. I'd love a day on the ice.

Visit one of those ice hotels in Alaska. Order more fur blankets to keep me warm. Drink enough martinis and hot chocolate that it wont matter. Make love, just to see if the ice will melt. (I know it won't but its worth a try, right?)

Anywhere in the Carribean. I haven't been. I've never been on an island, unless you count my brief stop in England. I want to eat really good food from seriously scary roadside stands. My hair is long enough I could take a whole day to get it braided. I'd have them put black and pink beads in my hair.

Visit an amusement park and ride roller coasters until I throw up. Eat some nachos, a crappy frozen lemonade, and other unhealthy foods. Go in the haunted house. Repeat.

Anywhere in the world, right now, where I could go swimming and actually need sunblock so I wouldn't burn. I'd be cool with that. I need a good swim.

The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter. Yeah, I know, it is a ton of money for something that seems really trivial. But I want to go. I want a slytherin scarf, and I want to drink a butterbeer. Bite me.

Go to a candy store and try every single flavor of Jelly Belly jelly beans. Even the berty bott ones.

Yep. So those are the things I would love to be doing right now. Of course, there is one other thing. If I could be with you, just this moment, things wouldn't seem so boring- would they?

Have an adventure for me this week friends.


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  1. I love your list!

    Some places I've been - Canada, Niagara Falls, NYC - but most of them I haven't. Reading your list, I decided that if I also had no restrictions, I would meet up with you in some of those places. Assuming I'm invited, of course. *G*

    As for the other fun things you listed, I could join you for several of those as well. I haven't had anyone to ice skate with in years, and I haven't been able to ride horses the way you described since my childhood in Texas. These days it's all carefully guided group trail rides where the most you can hope for is a brief trot. Thanks, liability insurance and all of you idiots who sued over the years!

    Butterbeer sounds delicious. A friend of mine had it and didn't like it; she said it was too sweet. With my sweet tooth and love of butterscotch, though, I don't think I'd have the same issue. ;0) And Berty Bott's jelly beans are fun! And occasionally nasty. :0P

    Alaska is, at the moment, my favorite place on earth.

    Obviously I could go on and on about the places and things to do that you've just blogged about! *LOL*