Thursday, March 28, 2013

How many roads must a man walk down?

I know I've been really quiet on here recently. I promise that's not been intentional. I've had a spate of what you might call ill luck recently. I finished up at alphabet soup office but not before catching that nasty thing that was going around the office. I didn't get it as bad as some of the others, but I spent a good long while fighting it. On top of that I've managed a cold, the flu and food poisoning (bad chicken- ick!). Afterwards, my modem crashed and I had to wait a week while my ISP sent me a new one. Good times. And that's on top of work, plus having three novels I'm beta reading, and trying to edit my own and write a new one.

So I've been busy.

Things are coming along though. I've started a new novel. I think I'm going to enjoy writing it. I've also gotten back in touch with my betas and I feel a lot better about my work now that I'm trying to catch up.

The coven is nice and active, and I've been having a good time planning lessons and watching everyone make progress. We have a new member who is working to become a magician, not a witch, and she has done a lot to spur the group to greater heights. If I can say anything, its that everyone in our group is subtly competitive and having a new face who's a classic type A overachiever has pushed them.

I'm glad my job at ABC is done, because frankly, even though the work wasn't challenging I spent a lot of time feeling like my brains were leaking out my ears by the end of the day. Some of it was the monotony. Some of it was my inability to do anything without having to stop and ask someone if I could do it, or what I could or couldn't keep. There was a general air of procrastination in that office that made me a little bit nuts. Not to mention, because I don't have a MA or a BA it felt a lot of the time like everyone assumed I wasn't as intelligent as they were. Now, you and I know that isn't true, but its difficult not to get a complex when you spend day after day with people who assume that you are only good for blue collar work. Not that there's anything wrong with blue collar work, but in a white collar office...yeah. I did meet some really nice people, though, and hopefully I will get to keep in touch with them. I'll also miss seeing Kmom every day.

Fortunately, I get to spend all of next week with her and a good part of the next two after that as well. We're remodeling her kitchen and I think it will be an interesting project for sure. It will be a nice change of pace, though I'm already considering what it will do to my schedule. I was laughing yesterday because my mom was saying how nice it must be to be unemployed and have nothing to do again. I told her that I just had three full time jobs now, not four. Because I consider my housewifey-ness a job, the coven is definitely a job and I've got editing work to do on top of trying to write a novel and get the other one ready for publication. Oh, and the thing with Kmom. So I know I'll have my plate full for the next couple of months.

As soon as I finish that up Kitten will be graduating. I am so proud I can't even think. I know we're trying to plan a little party, and even my great aunt is coming down from KC to come watch her walk. I don't think she knows how important it is to my family that she's graduating. We're all so proud of her. And as soon as that's all over I'll be taking off for two weeks to the wilds of South Carolina.

Yeah, I'm barely getting time to grab my breath.

So what have all of you been up to?