Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Love The Road, and I've Been Blessed, But I Love You Best

I'm leaving for vacation in two days. I can't wait.

I must admit, though, there is no small amount of nervousness involved with going away as well. Part of it is leaving home for so long. I've never been away from home for three weeks before, not without me doing something work or school related. Naturally, I worry about my garden, and my cats, and in general the strange and stormy weather we have this time of year. Fortunately, Sakura, Felix and Spice will all be at the house, taking care of it and making sure all goes well. Of course, money is part of it can't leave home for that long and not be working and not worry a little bit. We've got the money we need put away, of course, but I always think "what if there is some sort of emergency?" I'm trying to let tomorrow worry about tomorrow though.

I've never been camping with Kitten before, nor Oscelot. We'll be travelling with KMom and I've only been on a three day trip with her once before. I worry that we'll get on each other's nerves while we're away. Of course, we're driving, and there's the roads to think about. And all the rain they're supposed to get in South Carolina while we're there. I can live with rain, so long as its not too cold. I hate cold and wet. Warm and wet I can cope with- and by all accounts its supposed to be nice and hot while we're there.

Otherwise, I am truly excited. Its been such a very long time since I've had a camping trip. Not many of my previous partners were big on the outdoors, so this will be an exciting and pleasant change. I'm frankly surprised that Kitten and I haven't camped before. But this will make a great start.

Of course, it won't be camping all the time. We're going to Charleston first, and staying in a proper hotel. We'll be touring the city, visiting museums and I sincerely hope eating at a lot of fantastic restaurants. There's plenty, to be sure, I've looked them up. Charleston seems to be a foodie paradise, and I like soul food. It should be a good time. We'll visit Fort Sumter, of course, and see some of the other interesting civil war sites. I've got my hopes up we'll get a chance to meet EG Coyle, a fabulous photographer that KMom knows from past days. I really admire his work. I'd like Kitten to meet him and his wife- I've got a hankering to do one of his private sessions one day soon.

Once we leave Charleston we're heading off to the low country, and we'll be camping right by a lighthouse, which I think will be a great time. I picked a site right by the ocean, which should be lovely. I've never seen a tide pool, so I'm looking forward to exploring. You can swim in the ocean where we're staying, and that should be lovely too. Of course, you have to watch for jellyfish and coral maybe not. But its nice to know the option is there. I do love the ocean.

I'm cooking for us while we're away and I'm planning on making the meals absolutely lovely. I like to eat real food when I camp. I couldn't make it on hot dogs and sandwiches the whole time. I'm making chicken parmesan that first night. We'll be having stews and stir frys and even turkey and dressing. No sir, we won't be hungry if I can help it. That should be nice. I love a good dinner, and by a fire makes it even better, I think. I imagine that I'll be spending a lot of evenings by the fire, playing cards and having a lovely time.

I picked up some books, too, to read on the way down. We have a hard time agreeing on a genre, so I picked up some childrens books, Caldacott and Newberry winners all, so that we could enjoy something light and happy while we drive. The shortness of the books will also be nice so that we can change if we need to, or get bored. Though I don't think that will be a problem. I've got some that they've never read and some that I have been longing to read again, so it should be very nice. Of course, if it gets too boring, I'll pack something more adult, but I'd rather we all be happy, and I think we can with the ones I've chosen.

I'm planning on taking a lot of pictures. Once we get off the coast we'll be headed to a state park outside the capitol city and we'll visit the capitol building and the zoo, certainly. I'm planning on getting Oscelot in a canoe for the first time. I know she'll enjoy it. There will be lots of walks and hiking. I think it will be fun. When we hit the northwest we'll be in waterfall country, and I won't be able to help myself with the pictures there. I bought an extra memory card, knowing I will want to takes hundreds upon hundreds of pictures.

I suppose I am more excited than nervous. I want this to be special for Kitten. Its for her, after all. (She just graduated from college! Aren't we all so proud.) I want her to enjoy herself and make tons of lovely memories for her to have always.

I'll see you on the other side. With lots of pictures of course.

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