Wednesday, June 20, 2012

But Underneath There's Another Expression

If this were a Sesame Street Episode, I'd tell you that today's post is brought to you by the Sun, Transformation and the number 3. Actually, that's almost accurate. Lets see if I can get all three to drop into this post, eh?

Truth is, this week has been strange as all get out. First off, I got sent home from work on Sunday. Mind you, I wasn't in trouble, my face was so swollen I looked deranged, plus I was in a ton of pain. Swollen? You might ask. Alas, yes. I am a grown woman in my thirties and I have yet to get my wisdom teeth out. It accounts for why I have that adorable, crooked smile some of you like so much. It also accounts for why Saturday and Sunday were not plesant days for me.

I want to say this, I take care of my teeth. I brush and floss, I deep clean them with peroxide and baking soda. I do my best. Unfortunately, up until this last year, I hadn't been able to afford our company's dental insurance. So I haven't had an opportunity to get my wisdom teeth out since the time I was with (ex)Beloved and frankly, that's a while. Either way, I wanted them out. Sort of.

Here's the thing. I'm allergic to NSAIDS. Those are anti-inflammatory and over the counter pain medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, and aleve. So I know its going to suck getting my teeth out. I just knew it. I wouldn't be able to work for days because my face would be too swollen for me to work, I would be in massive amounts of pain -because guess how many dentists hand out meds that aren't nsaids for teeth extractions? None. They all have signs that say "we don't pass out narcotics." Yeah. Not to mention, all four of my wisdom teeth are impacted and that requires oral surgery and being put under, which quite frankly terrifies me.

Well, it did. Cue this weekend when I started to have a bit of a toothache in my wisdom teeth, which didn't worry me too much. Every now and then it happens. My teeth break through my gums, it hurts for a couple of days and then its over. I can be patient. Our insurance requires a 9 month waiting period before you get your wisdom teeth out. Fun, fun. I'm sure you can guess, I skipped that nine month wait. Well, I did on my left side teeth.

When I got sent home from work I went to the walk in clinic across the street because I was pretty sure I had an infection causing all that swelling and I was in a lot of pain. I was thinking antibiotics would be good, until I could get into a dentist, since there is not a single dentist in town open on Sunday. Not one. I'd like to say the walk in clinic was nice, but honestly, they poked and prodded me, listened to my chest, and then charged me a hundred bucks to tell me that they aren't dentists and I needed one, and in the mean time here's the antibiotics I asked for, and some Tylenol 3 for the pain, its enough to get me through until the morning. I think the doctor thought I was being a smart-ass when I told him I was concerned about infection. Teddy Roosevelt died from an infected tooth he let go untreated. That's scary. The doctor was all like-

"uh, yeah, bad things happen when you don't take care of your teeth. But I'm not a dentist."

Yep. You've told me that at least three times now. I know you aren't. Give me my antibiotics and let me go home and pass out.

The short version of this story is, I'm sure you're not surprised, I went to the dentist on Monday morning and had my two left wisdom teeth pulled. I did it with only local anesthesia and laughing gas, because I'm a boss like that. It wasn't so bad. I'm actually up and moving around, so I suppose it could have hurt a lot worse. I didn't have to be put out, which relieved me. The laughing gas made me so free of inhibition I actually asked if they would save my teeth so I could look at them. Surprisingly, the nurse did. She told me later that she understood, when she had her second child she had them video it so she could see what it was like in all its gory detail. She laughed and said her husband nearly passed out. I would have had a joke at her husband's expense, but I know Kitten got light headed watching me get my teeth pulled. They were very nice to let her stay and hold my hand the entire time.

I'll say this- the pain medication is keeping my nicotine cravings to a minimal level. Its only been bad once. I'm doing alright there. I'm not swollen like I thought I would be. I'm not in any pain to speak of. I had been worried I wouldn't be able to do ritual tonight, but I think I'll be fine. (Funny thing- this time last year I did Litha ritual while completely zoned on morphine because I had a must be the equinox making my body act all sorts of strange) On the other hand-and anyone who knows me will tell you how odd it is for me to say this- I am so sick of sweets I could cry. Most soft cold food is sweet. It just is. And despite the fact that I have been eating plenty of those things, I want good, solid, salty food. I like the raspberries and pears baby food I got, but what I really want is some stir fry and fried pork dumplings. I'm tired of having to wait until my food is cold to eat it. I want a hot, full meal where it doesn't tax me to open my mouth. Honestly, it hurts right now to eat anything that's not cut up really tiny, and believe me, I'm trying because I want normal food like you can't believe.

On the upside, Litha ritual is tonight, and I'll be able to do ritual with Sakura, which I am super excited about. I'm sure most of you know, today is the summer solstice, which means today is the longest day of the year. Its a fun celebration. We're focusing on balance, and on transforming ourselves. its time to evaluate the goals that we made at the beginning of the year and begin to press forward to keep making changes for ourselves. I think I've done pretty well so far. I was reaching for new friends, which I've made, and finding love in my life, which I am thankful to say i have plenty of. I'm very lucky like that. I also asked for better health, and I am obviously moving towards that. Outside of that one terrible menstrual cycle, i've been much healthier than normal, and i think that was a signal to me I needed to make sure I was taking care of myself. I've been much more concious of that the last couple of months.

I'm ready for all the wonderful things life has in store for me. I think I've got it nailed, really.

I will be back to tell you more tonight, I am sure. For now, I'll sign off with blessings for all of you, and the hope that you will find the will to make your life what you want it to be.


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  1. I feel your pain. I had my wisdom teeth out a few years ago in 2 installments under local. I was not anticipating quite how much it was a case of insert tool under tooth, twist, twist, yank.... it was almost literally like he had a foot on my chest and was pulling. One tooth took so long, the local had worn off by the time he began to work on the other. Ouch. I was actually quite relieved at the one he needed to cut up because it was embedded in my jaw bone.

    That night, I started work as a silver service waiter.

    Well, when it's done, at least you'll never have to go through it again. In that way, it's a lot like your life!

    Feel better, petal.