Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh To Clean Up the Clutter of Echoes

Brace yourselves for another survey! This one is music themed and I found it (are you shocked?) on Sakura's blog.

Using only song names from one artist/band cleverly answer all of these questions:

I am also going to include a lovely song lyric for you on each one, because that's fun. Even if it isn't part of the rules. And really, the lyrics don't have to do with the question. I just like them.

artist/band: Ani Difranco

are you a male or female: Joyful girl "I do it for the joy it brings, because I'm a joyful girl. Because the world owes me nothing, and we owe each other the world."

descibe yourself:  I'm no heroine "I'm no heroine, at least not the last time I checked, I'm too easy to roll over, I'm too easy to wreck"

how do you feel: Smiling underneath "We could be stuck in traffic for over a week, with a car full of quintuplets who are all cutting teeth, and around my neck could be a flaming Christmas wreath, and I'd be smiling under, smiling underneath."

what is today:  The true story of what was "And outside sleep's open window, between the drops of rian, History is writing a recipe book of every earthly pain"

describe where you currently live: here for now "And you keep imagining that pretty soon you will just disappear, and thinking that one thing is what saves you from your fear of being here."

your favorite form of transportation: the arrivals gate "I want to drain my little pink heart of all its malice and kick back for the afternoon in this fluorescent palace."

describe your relationship with your ex: sorry I am "I guess I never loved you quite as well as the way you loved me, I guess I'll never really be able to tell you how sorry I am."

your best friend is: soft shoulder "Your voice sang the way my heart would sing, if it finally knew just what to say"

your favorite color is: pale purple "I'm torn, rejecting outfits offered me, regretting things I've worn, when i was still playing roles to fill holes in my conception of who I am."

if your life was a television show it would be called: Your Next Bold Move "But you've got the hard cough of a chain smoker, and you're at the arctic circle playing strip poker, and its getting colder and colder every time you lose."

what is life to you: Virtue "The one person who knows me best says I'm like a cat, yeah the kind of cat you can't just pick up and throw into your lap."

what is the best advice you have to give: What if No One's Watching "If my life were a movie, I would light a cigarette and the smoke would curl around my face, and everything I do would be interesting."

If you could change your name, what would you change it to: Minerva "You confused your journey with my journey, you tried to nail me like Minerva to your bow, but my job here is not to deliver you, but to hold a mirror until you see how"

I love Ani's song titles, and the lyrics are pretty nice too. Its how I manage to have so many of her songs as titles for my posts.

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