Sunday, March 25, 2012

On The Other Side of a Street I Knew

Ah...another day at work, another glass of rumchata and here I am sitting at the computer thinking about music again. I actually spent what little free time I had this morning turning over in my head music and the people I associate it with. I worry now that I've committed myself to another post I'll bore the hell out of you, but there you are..

So I was at work today and three or four songs came into my head and made me think of people. Most of this was a direct result of the music system at work, Ambiance. Waiting for Tonight came on and I immediately thought of Flyguy. That's because of a story I might have mentioned in a post earlier last month, when it was on he was dancing around acting very, uh, chippendale, and now I think of it when it plays. It made me smile today, because Flyguy has changed his schedule recently and doesn't work Sundays anymore. I missed him today, I won't lie. I've gotten used to having all my shifts with him. Or most of them anyway.

Believe by Cher was on, and for some reason I thought of my mother. I have no idea why. If I close my eyes and listen to the song, I think I see myself in her car listening to it about seven or eight years ago. It might just be that this is the strongest memory I have associated with this song. Or maybe I'm really fucked up and I need to think about it. I'm not sure.

Romeo by Basement Jaxx came on, and I immediately thougt of Kitten. This song was out when we were first dating, way back in the late 90's early 2ks. Don't Call Me Baby by Madison Avenue does the same thing, for pretty well the same reason. Feels So Good by Sonique, almost all trance music, Sandstorm by Darude...most of the music from 2000-2001 makes me think about Kitten.

We were listening to the radio in the back and Sexy and I Know It (I have no idea who the artist is) came on the radio. I always think of Shorty when I hear this song. The only reason is because she made me watch the damn video, and I'm scarred. For life. Pretty sure. You know, that wqas a great track without them having to make that video. I mean, I get why they did it, but seriously? Ruined the song for me, because now all I can see is those guys prancing around in bannana hammocks and Shorty laughing at the look of horror I am sure I had on my face when she showed it to me.

Okay, and I know this is a totally random seguey, but I absolutely love the new song by Train- Drive By? Yeah, I get so happy when I hear it. It was playing thism orning while I was in the back of the house making margaritas and I was totally dancing and singing along. I think the guys who've worked with me for a long time don't think anything of iit, but I think our new dishwasher might have thought I had lost my mind. I really don't care, I just think its amusing. So anyway, I really like that song. I know that's random, but there you have it.

I have to pause here and note that when I wrote that last paragraph Itook the time to go to Youtube and watch the video for Drive By. When I did, I got distracted, and I ended up not finishing this post, so here I am, a couple of days later,and I'm still working on my list of song associations. Its been a fun little project for me, and its kept me busy for the last few days, thinking about songs and how I relate to them.

I had a couple of other associations come to mind. I always think of Sakura when I hear that King of Anything song. Ithink its because wew ere listeneing to it in his car one day, and we had a whole conversation about it. I also have a tendency to think about him whenever I hear anything by Fallout Boy. They were really popular when he and I just met. I remember listening to them one day when he and I first met as we went to the mall to play DDR. It was a good time,and it always reminds me of him when I hear them.

A song by David Guedda came on the music at the store yesterday, and I realized I associate his work with Flyguy. That covers a lot of artists, from Usher to the Black Eyed Peas. I think this has to do with the fact that he introduced me to him, and I really like his stuff.There are songs that aren't on the radio by him, and I also really like them too. I also associate Gaslight Anthem with Flyguy for the same reason, its a band he introduced me to. Its oddly appropriate too, for some reason their music just, well, it seems lie something he would listen to. It suits him.

In other, less pleasant associations, I can't help but think of our old roommate Guitar Hero when I hear anything by Cindi Lauper. She had a bad habit of putting on a soundtrack or a CD and listening to it at top volume until everyone in the house was totally sick of it. Ms.Lauper was one of those artists I was ruined on. I have trouble listening to The Immaculate Collection by Madonna for the same reason. She also would get out her guitar and play Rocky Horror Picture Show pretty frequently...and always at the wrong times. There's nothing less romantic than trying to have alone time with your partner and your roommate be in the living room warbling "Science Fiction...double feature...." Yeah. I used to really enjoy the soundtrack from the movie Better than Chocolate too...until Guitar hero moved in with us.

So thinking about how I associate songs with other people got me thinking about how I associate music with myself, and how other people associate music with me. I always find ringtones as an interesting picture of what you feel about a person or a song. For example, these are ringtones I have chosen for other people at certain times in my life:

Reason is Treason for my ex Beloved. Lips of an Angel, A Mili, I Kissed a Girl are all ringtones I've had for Rogue at one point or another, although hers used to change frequently enough I can't possibly remember them all. Hide and Seek was my mother's ringtone for a while. BBD's ringtone was (of course) Plush by STP. My general ringtone for a good deal of time was This is Why I'm Hot.

I know people choose random ringtones for me, too. Some of them I understand, some I don't at all. My Aunt Preistess had I'm Every Woman for me. Her daughter Lovey chose Animals. At that same time in my life Rogue had Walk it Out as my ringtone. I know for certain right now on Hedgewitch's phone my ringtone is Don't Stop by Kasha, and while I do wake up every morning feeling like P. Diddy...I sometimes wonder how people choose those songs for me.

It got me thinking about songs I associate with myself. So far, I have two for certain, but I'm pretty sure that list is going to grow the more I think about it. I associate I'm the Only One, by Melissa Etheridge with myself. I also think Mother mother by Tracy Bonham is appropriate. There are any number of Ani DiFranco and Brandi Carlile tunes that I completely relate to, although I woun't say that they were a good picture of me. Songs like Galileo and Mystery by the Indigo Girls seem appropriate. I know a good number of people who would have chosen How Many Licks by lil Kim for me as a song when I was younger. Now I'm not so sure...but I am certain that I will keep thinking about it. You'll probably get another post like this one sometimes after the weekend is over and I have plenty of time to think about it.

Have you thought of a song that makes you think of me? How about songs that you relate to yourself?

I'm off to meditate and listen to my inner song before I head to work. I hope you all have a great weekend.


PS- sorry about the spacing. Blogger does this every time I edit a post. Its irritating. If I weren't lazy and pressed for time, I'd go into HTML mode and deal with it, as it is I assume you love me enough you don't mind too much...

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