Sunday, June 26, 2011

Double Header Delight

Right. So before you think I'm being naughty again, look at the pictures. This post is about roller derby.

Last night was the first home bout for my team since they became WFTDA certified. It was something I was really excited for. I'm pretty sure I mentioned I was going earlier this week. I took the time on Thursday to make the shirt you see me in. It's one of their old logos, and i added a few sequins, because I'm a huge girl.

I was really thankful that I had last night off so I was able to go. Nothing's more annoying than wanting to go watch a good bout and not being able to because you're stuck at work. Either way, as soon as we were off we headed home and got dressed. After dinner we pulled into the lot at the rink where the bout was taking place. it was already packed. We had to park way in the back. In fact, if you look closely at the photo of me and Kitten, you can see we are parked almost behind the rink. I'm not sure where everyone else who showed up less than an hour before the bout ended up parking.

We were super excited because some of our friends were playing in the bouts. We know some of the roller girls because Oscelot used to play, and so we had the opportunity to get to know them before she ended up leaving because there simply isn't enough time in the day for her to do it. It makes us sad. She loved it, and I loved watching her. Of course, it is nice to go to a bout and not have to worry that the woman you love could be broken in half by some monstrous blocker, but hey- that's derby. Then again, I love all the roller girls I know, so I'm still a bit on pins and needles when they're on the floor anyway.

When we got inside I got a chance to talk to a few of the girls before the first bout. I don't know if I mentioned it, but both of our teams were playing. It was a double header. (derby all night long? yes, please)
We watched the warm up, and I'm not going to lie, the girls on the first team (Route 66 Roller Girls, from Amarillo Tx) looked pretty scary. Turns out, the last time our team captain had played them she ended up with a broken collar bone. Ouch. Either way, we were totally psyched. Oscelot's derby wife, Anabell Lecter, was playing. We were really excited to watch her first home bout too.

We won the first bout. It was rough, and I think for the first time I got a glimpse of what it was like to watch two really good teams go at it. The Rt. 66 girls were huge, and tough, and watching them play our girls had me biting my fingernails a few times. I had to get a drink of water between bouts, I'd nearly shouted myself hoarse during the first one!

Our All Stars team played second. I can't brag on these girls enough. I watched them last year and was impressed, but this year they seem to be a completely different team. They were playing the Northwest Arkansas All Stars Roller Girls, and they looked just as vicious as Rt. 66. Turns out they were more so! I've never seen so much toughness in one place at one time. But our girls, danm- they're fast, they're tougher and so smart. I was enthralled.

I truly love this sport. There were some moments last night that I couldn't believe. About halfway through the bout one of our girls whipped our jammer, but it wasn't a normal whip- they made a figure eight with their arms and spun in a circle. It was so cool. Not to mention it gave our Jammer and chance to really build some velocity. Two of our players, one a pivot and blocker, the other a jammer, pivot and blocker, are known for getting ejected. As rough as the game got, I was really proud neither of them did- although they both came really close penalty wise. Both of them had some seriously amazing hits during the bouts- you know- the ones that make you cringe and cheer at the same time...I couldn't believe it. Our All Stars won too, and it was a bit of a blowout- but it didn't seem that way during the bout. the NWA All Stars really put up a fight, and sometimes I forgot we were winning, because those girls kept hitting like there was only a 10 point difference in the score...

A couple of fun and interesting moments I must report:

First, most of the derby girls do not scare me. They're really nice, and off the track they are super fun people. There's one, who was actually coaching last night rather than playing (an injury, I think) who is tough as nails. When she's in her gear, I'm terrified of her. Before the first bout i went to the bathroom and when I opened my stall door she was waiting outside it, glaring her trademark glare. I almost shut my stall door again, just to hide. Thinking of it now makes me laugh.

At the halfway point in the first bout I went to the ladies again (its good to get it out of your system when there's no play. I hate missing a jam) and one of the NWA All Stars came in while I was washing my hands. She gave me one of those cocky once-overs and smiled at me. "Hey. What's up?" I blushed from head to toe. I'm normally not a blusher, but if I haven't mentioned it- the one thing that turns me from a flirty smart ass to a quivering pile of blushes and giggles is a oood looking roller girl. This one was seriously good looking. I almost melted into my sneakers. When I watched her play later I reconsidered, because she was a seriously badass chick- but I giggled all the way back to my spot in the suicide lane...

Also, and this concerns one of our team I don't talk to some of them. I don't know them, or we've only been introduced a couple of times, or we haven't been introduced at all and I only know them by how they play....Anyhow. One of the girls on our team is awesome. She's a wild, fun loving, amazing player. I always walk the line between roller crushing on her or being completely terrified because she's a rock star and I'm pretty sure she knows it. We were sitting watching the girls run around while the other team was warming up during one of the breaks. She skated by, paused, waved at me and gave me a little wink, and then skated off.
Kitten looks at me and goes "Are you blushing?"
"you're blushing!"
"No, I'm not!"
Maybe I was. See, this girl has had four conversations with me ever. The first was "Nice to meet you." The second was "thanks for the Dr. Pepper." the third was "good to see you again" and the fourth was a brief talk at the front door when we came in last night because she happened to be up there and knows Oscelot. I couldn't figure out why in heavens name she would take the time to single me out. So I was a little suprised, it made me blush. again. (see ref: rollergirls make me blush) The girls totally made fun of me. I don't care. Oscelot says she did it because I'm cute and I got to all the home bouts. I think she's full of it.

And no, I won't tell you who it was, because I know some of the roller girls read my blog, and I am so not letting you take the mickey out of me for thinking she's awesome. (Its NOT a crush!)

Anyway, delightful time had by all. I got some pictures with the girls afterwards, and was totally disappointed we didn't get to go to the after-after party, even though several of the ladies asked us along. I was up for a night of dancing, and man, if I've learned one thing its that those girls know how to have a good time. It would have been fun. Maybe next time.

So, in case you're curious, the pictures.
1. The first one is Oscelot with one of the All Stars- Miss Chetty Boop
2. That's me and Kitten. Obviously.
3. That's me and two of our All Stars- Shotgun Shell and Tiger Beatdown. Shell got the MVP award last night. I thought it was awesome.
I might also mention last night before the bout I watched one of our other girls, Seven Deadly Shins, do a leg whip with Shell. It was so cool. I'm such a dork. But I got all excited because they were doing it again after the bout.

Interestingly enough, and I don't know if she knows it, Lifeguard was in the program last night, listed as one of our players, even though she's out of town. Also, there wasn't a picture, just a sillouette of a girl flexing her biceps. It gave me a good giggle.

So. I'm off to shower and pretend like I'm getting ready to goto another bout, when I really have to get ready for work. Our next home bout is in July. I can't wait.

PS- sorry the formatting is screwed up again, I'm willing, since I posted some nice pictures for you.

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