Monday, June 27, 2011

What's in a name?

I'm planning on doing an actual post later, but I have to share with you the way I've been amusing myself in my spare time for the last week or so.

See, I want to play roller derby, but I know the liklihood of that is somewhere between slim and nothing. So, as a way of amusing myself in my spare time I've been debating with the girls a name if I were a rollergirl. I thought I would share with you some of the ones we've come up with. (I'm including the taglines or jersey numbers when we've thought of them)

I also have to add, I know some of these are probably already taken. I didn't check the database they keeps track of what names are already in use because you cant take a name that's already been chosen unless the girl releases the name to you.

Anyway. Here they are.

Hallmark Shards "You won't get greetings, sympathy or well wishes from this girl"
Sara Pain and Tall
Kim Shady "Can she have your attention please?"
Colt Fortified
Hard-Knock Cathae "She's got you on the menu tonight, served with a side of rink rash!"
Beast Infection (number 666)
Rammin Noodle (The girls think this one is hilarious since I have a ramen fixation)
Tragic 8-Ball "We asked before the bout, and her answer was 'outcome not favorable'"
Jailhouse Block
Porcelain Maul
Annie Choakley
Pauncho Villian
Otis Spankmonster "Her muffin leaves a bruise!"
Dez Astor
Mood Poison (number 8N0M)
Scarlett O'Scareya
Carrie Plotter
Malice Cullen
Hella Swan
Drama Mean
Ariel Assault
Voodoo Maul
Georgia O'Queefe (that one is Kitten's. Oscelot says its disgusting.)
Tyra Shanks
May-kill Boltin'

Anyways. I'm going to start a little sidebar with these in them. I'll probably add more from time to time. I hope they amuse you.


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