Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wishlist For My Lover

Tonight its easier to just tell you what I want. I don't mean for this to be romantic, or pretty, or sweet. If you find it so, my love, then I am glad. But I feel like I must tell you plainly how I feel.

I want your voice. Its rich, and warm and sexy. I want the sound of it in my ear all night. I want you to whisper secrets to me, to tell me things you've never told anyone else. I want you to trust me tonight, to make me your confidante.

I want to drive with you. I want the windows down and my hair blowing free. I want you to sing with me to the radio, and not care if we're on key or what we're listening to. When we're together, it seems like all songs were written for us- both the sweet and the sad. While we drive, take my hand. Hold it in yours. I don't care that its hot out, I don't care if we sweat. I only want to know that you're there, and holding me close. The press of your hand is one of the most comforting things in the world to me. When you twine your fingers with mine, I know I am safe, and loved.

i want to find somewhere quiet and lay down with you. In the grass, on a couch or in a bed. I don't care where it is. I want the press of your head on my shoulder while I talk to you. I want the smell of your hair and your sweat and your cologne on my body. I want to run my fingers through your hair, stroking your scalp and tickling your neck. I want to feel you wiggle beneath me, and laugh. I love the sound of your laugh- throaty and slow and rough. I want to make you laugh over and over, until your face is buried in my chest and you are smothering the sound of your mirth against me.

Kiss me, then. Kiss me slow and soft and don't stop. Kiss me like you're teasing me. Kiss me like this is the last time you'll see me again. Kiss me with all the passion I think you bury deep in yourself for me, let me see it at last. Oh, I know, I know that you love me. You tell me all the time. But tonight, tonight I want to feel it. I want to feel it in your lips on mine, in your tongue playing across my lips and your teeth tearing gently at me until I am gasping for you. Show me tonight that I am the most special thing you've ever known. Show me tonight that you're glad to be mine, because I have always been happy to be yours. Let me taste all over you that you need me as much as you say you do.

Kiss me until it is your very last kiss, until you haven't a kiss left. After that, kiss me once more. And when you have finished, hold me close to you. I want to drift away on the sound of your heartbeat. I want to be rocked to sleep on the lullabye of your breath. Tonight I want your hands to be the last thing I think of as they touch my face, my neck, and my hair. Pull me close, and let me feel you.

When I let go tonight, I want it to be with you near me. You are in my heart. You always have been. Tonight, I want you to show me I'm in yours too.

My love.

My sweet.

My pulse.


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