Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Weekend

Happy last day of June, friends! I hope July is a beautiful month for all of you. Honestly, some of June was awesome, but I'm glad for a new month- and new experiences to go with it.

Today was so much fun. I had two days off in a row, which i loved, beacuse it gave me a chance to really relax. We got up this morning and went to our favorite breakfast dive to eat. I had a waffle covered in strawberries and blueberries. I was able to eat it without getting sick, so that was an epic moment strait away. Now, I was disappointed because there were no breakfast cupcakes today, only chocolate banana scones, but I lived with it.

After we had taken care of some errands we met up with Kitten's sister, Cat, and went to a little hidden away spring we know about. It was awesome. We whiled away the afternoon there, playing in the seriously cold water and relaxing. Afterwards we went and got some italian before giving Cat our love as she headed back to her hometown, some three hours away. I was really glad to see her. It was nice. It had been since Christmas for me, because I was seriously sick the last time she and her husband were in town. I wish they lived closer to us, she's a lot of fun.

I did have one slightly traumatic moment today, I saved a kitten. One of our strays gave birth, and most of the babies didn't make it. There was one live one, though, that we found. It was still attached by the umbilical cord to one of its siblings that didn't make it. I had to tie off the cord and cut it so the live kitten didn't bleed to death. Not my favorite moment. The mother cat thought I was trying to hurt the kitten so she was trying to carry it off. Of course, the girls had gone for a walk so I was doing this all by myself. I almost cried while I was washing my hands afterwards. I'm turning into such a girl!

In other, less icky news, we went skating last night. This isn't a huge suprise, if you know us. Oscelot and I go to the rink almost every Wednesday. What is big, for me, anyway, is I finished my first speedskate. In case you aren't familiar, there is a point in every session where they clear everyone off the floor and they open it up to people who want to skate fast. Really fast. Up until yeserday, I hadn't done it. Well, I did once when were were skating with Lifeguard. I felt saef getting out there while she and one of the other derby girls, Cyclops, were skating. But I felt inadequate and I stepped off after two laps.

Last night I had a revelation. I keep talking about how much I want to do roller derby. Part of that is learning how to skate fast. Granted, it is much more than speed skating. It is a hundred other things. BUT I figured if I was going to whine I had better put up or shut up. So I put up. I told Oscelot I was going to do it. I was nervous. I almost chickened out. But, we reasoned, the worst that could happen was I would fall over, and then its over. I have to get up and keep skating.

Guess what? I fell. Like, in the first turn. I felt like a loser. But I was counting, and I was up in two seconds (that's derby regulation there) and I got back on my skates and finished out the speed session. Now, I can report two things. I have my first rink rash. I'm going to have to go buy a new pair of capri length leggings, because I tore them all to hell. The bruise this morning doesn't feel so spectactular. I'm not going to lie...The other thing is my respect for the roller girls went through the ceiling. Its hard! I really need to work on getting into shape. I know some of those girls smoke way more than I do, and my chest from center to throat felt like it was on fire by the time I was done. I was feeling it for about three songs afterwards. I don't know how they do it. Never doubt- those ladies are athletes of the highest order. I love them more now than ever before.

So that's my "weekend." I get to gear up for the fourth of July festivities this week. By that I mean i get to prepare to be bored at work and not do anything the night of the fourth. Tell you the truth, I probably wouldn't have done anything anyway. I'm not a huge fan of fireworks, for personal reasons...

I hope everyone is finishing out their week in style.


PS- I highlighted my hair yesterday too. I'll probably have a picture up of it sometime soon.

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